Daily Archives: July 1, 2009

Catching Up!

Yesterday, while David was busy blogging about the virtues of journal writing (and since he highly recommends it, you know I must follow his lead) and tweeting about watching a rerun of the travesty that was the BET Awards show’s so-called tribute to Michael Jackson (No, David, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!), I was in New York City waiting in line to get into the Apollo Theater in Harlem, where a public tribute to the King of Pop was held.  Five and a half hours later (yes, the crowds were that enormous, stretching for miles and a number of blocks), drenched in the pouring rain just one hour before finally getting into the theater, here is my shaky-camera capture of the event (yes, I was too busy dancing instead of keeping the camera steady).  I’ll catch up on my David news later: