Letter from David’s Abuelita

This letter is making the rounds around David’s fan sites:

Abuelita loves everyone from the North Hemisphere to the South Hemisphere and everyone on the East and on the West. I love everyone with all my heart, bad or good because nobody is perfect.

These pictures are a small gift from me in appreciation for all the gifts that everyone has sent to me. There have been so many gifts like the beautiful head piece I am wearing from Iraq; beautiful pictures of David; the David Calendar and the Apron for me to wear when I cook David “Fish Soup”. Thank you so much Universe for loving David so much!!!!! I love you all for that.

When David left to audition for American Idol, he and I had a private conversation. I told him….. “David, go and try out to help your family, but please remember that the “Needy Children”, the “Elderly” and the “Sick” in this World are first in line.” I know David has my heart which is also his mother’s heart who feels and thinks just like mine.

I want you all to know that I live an extremely simple life, but I don’t care. Life is more important and God sustains me. I do not desire to be rich. My sweetest and most important desire is for David to help everyone that needs help. Also that through my precious grandson, David, everyone will find some peace and happiness on this earth.

For those who have been wanting to write to me but have not been able to because you didn’t have an address here it is:


c/o GEM-N-I
7000 North 16th Street
Suite 120, PMB 500
Phoenix, AZ 85020

To everyone that is reading my letter…… Help when you see that someone needs help. Never ask someone “can I help?”. You know what to do and God that lives in infinity will reward you for it. Have faith, always. Write to me so I may know who you are but don’t write to me to send me gifts. I am happy with my grandson David and my daughters which are the “4 Mayorga Sisters”.



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  1. Such a sweet letter. I can hear her gentle and sweet spirit through that letter. Hope David gets to spend a little time with her on the summer tour as he swings through the South, where he has relatives.

    • You know David will visit when he gets a chance. He’s that kind of thoughtful person. Love him!

  2. Very sweet letter in deed. Yesterday I drove to the address that’s listed. It’s a UPS Store in a nice strip mall.

  3. Is this really his grandmother? Doesn’t she live in Florida? Just asking because IMO this letter sounds a little bit like a plea for attention…

  4. I think she listed the different address for her own privacy. There is probably a forwarding service set up or a someone sends the mail to her.

  5. Referring you to Gem-N-I
    The artist/designer is Leticia, the family friend of the Archuletas.
    Click on “About” to read her bio and DA “Press Release.”

  6. “David, go and try out to help your family” . . . as in earning money to help the family? What an odd reason to give him for going to the audition.

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