R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Like David, I too can’t get over the passing of Michael Jackson (1958-2009).  Here is one of the greatest moments in pop music history ever:

In the words of my beloved, “he deserves the respect.”  Tell it, BB!

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  1. Brooklynldawn

    I am sitting here with tears running down my face. I loved Michael’s music. I heard about his passing in a taxi while taking a cake to the venue that my daughter’s graduation party was held. I at first thought it to be just a rumor. I am so sad that it was not. My entire family are big fans. When my children were young we had Michael Jackson parties. We would put some cds on and we would dance around the house…it was our special time. That we were all together as a family, several generations, was definitely fitting. At first we tried to ignore the news and continued on with our celebration. Toward the end of the evening the youngsters gathered around a tv set where they were airing his videos. Each were recalling their favorites, and what was going on in their lives during each one. The highlight of the evening was when Rock With You came on and we all stood up to dance almost in unison….we were out in the backyard, under the stars, moving and grooving, and thanking him for the gift of music and dance. I know alot of ugly things will be said, and rightfully so, but at the end of the day, I can’t forget, and won’t forget the music, dance and joy that he provided in my life since I was a child. He does deserve some respect.

  2. HG, thank you so much for the MJ tribute. Brooklyndawn, huge congrats on your daughters graduation. Thinking about your family doing “the rock” in unison has brought a smile to my face.

    I’ve been crying on and off ever since Michael’s death was announced. Tonight Anderson Cooper stated that while MJ’s death was a huge shock, he was such an icon that it was impossible to actually imagine him ever growing old (e.g., reaching age 80). Like everyone, I’ll pray for his family and friends. I can’t begin to think how his kids and his parents are taking this.

  3. HG- just finished listening to Ryan Seacrests 3 decade MJ musical tribute and now perused your post. I thank you. I had just arrived at Billie Jean as my favorite and here is the epic video for me to enjoy. As a dance/song freak who adores hip hop, this is whipped creme, cherries and sprinkles on a day filled with ups and downs. I needed this. Tomorrow it’s back to all David, all the time. ciao, Bella.

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