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A Wake-Up Call

david_wachovia004Thought to re-post a comment I left on The David Chronicles, upon learning of the news that three shows on the Demi Lovato summer tour – Louisville, Portland, and Grand Rapids – where  David is serving as the opening act, have been cancelled:

From the deliberate editing out of older fans, male fans, etc. who appeared at David’s tour in his House of Blues “Touch My Hand” video to the deliberate marketing in the Disney direction, David’s label, Jive, and his management, Azoff, are pushing a certain kind of Disneyfied version of David that most of his fans are saying: WE’RE NOT BUYING IT!

Seriously, Jive needs to take an account of what they think they’re doing. If David were fresh off the street, someone who had never appeared on American Idol, and they took one look at him and said “Radio Disney!” this marketing strategy would have worked out just fine. But, that’s not how it works.

Anyone who has paid attention to Idol contestants’ post-show career knows that those Idols whose careers follow the kinds of performances they showcased on the show are the ones with the most success (excluding Kelly Clarkson who transformed into a 21st-century version of Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne, think Carrie Underwood, who recreated her country girl persona; Chris Daughtry and David Cook, who recreated their rocker personas; and Jennifer Hudson, whose shock boot history on the show strikingly mirrors the rejection her character Effie White received in the movie Dreamgirls, for which she received her Oscar). What this means is that David Archuleta, who never did Radio Disney on the show, in fact, reclaimed and triumphed in his mad interpretation skills on inspirational ballads and love songs, should have been marketed in this genre, give and take a few uptempo songs a la “Crush” and “Zero Gravity.”

His label and management totally threw out his ballad persona to pursue a misguided image of Disney David, an image that this blog is working hard at subverting, that appeals to the tweenie boppers, and it’s not working – IMO – because by the time David got a year older, so did the tween girls who voted maniacally for David when he was on AI, and those tweens are listening to what the regular teens are listening to. They too are beyond Disney, and if they are fans of David, it isn’t because he is “Disneyfied.”

If there is any “wake up call” Jive and Azoff need with this Demi/David tour not selling out in large arenas, it should be that they need to give up Radio Disney because it’s just not David, and nobody – not even the tweens – are buying it.

The glimmer of hope I have is that David himself has hinted that his second album is going to have a mature sound, and now that “Daddygate” has in effect taken a bit of the shine off of David’s “squeaky clean” image, it makes no sense to even go down that route. David has matured, and so has a certain segment of the audience who discovered him on AI.

We, his mature fans, ain’t going nowhere, so it’s time for them to take us into their marketing considerations too.

David Receives Gold Plaque

@ David’s concert in Uniondale, New York: