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Blogging “From the Road”


Hello all. I’ve come to give you my attempt at a SHORT blog report for the day. The tour with Demi has begun, and the first couple of shows have been great!! Demi is a wickedly talented girl! I’m glad to be on tour with her and am looking forward to an awesome Summer with her. I’m very happy to see the fans again too!! I’ve missed seeing all of you lol. Thanks for coming to the shows you guys! It really means a lot and makes it quite enjoyable. It’s great seeing all the old familiar faces and catching up, and then also getting to meet new faces as well. SO THANK YOU FOR COMING!!

Today I got my RIAA certified gold plaque for my album!!! It’s so cool you guys!! What an accomplishment it is to get one of those. You see other artists’ plaques on the walls of recording studios and stuff, so to have one of my own is seriously so surreal. Thanks for each and everyone of you fans for buying an album to make it happen! Maybe one day we’ll even go platinum! Craziness! As soon as I get a picture I’ll try and upload it somewhere haha. It’s not exactly a literal gold album, but it has my picture and the RIAA certification thingy on it… So it’s official! haha.

So today seems like a lot is has been happening with good music coming out! If you didn’t know already, Regina’s new album came out today!!! WDf;oihegalkejdgnaelkgjaehfgpiuhchachacharmin;asdghdf;oiaub!!!! I just got back from the city so I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m so excited to though! I’ve been listening to Begin to Hope to warm me up for the new stuff though, and after I finish writing this blog I’m going to let my ears have some Regina Spektorism treatment. I want to listen to it the whole way through without anything keeping me busy or distracting me, so now after the busy day I’m going to sit back and enjoyyyyy.

Brooke White’s 2nd single has also come out! It’s called Radio Radio. When I was in LA a few weeks ago she played it for me in the car and it always gets in my head! Radio radio, tell me what I wanna know wanna know. Michael Johns’ album has also come out today!! I’d get it if I had more money in my iTunes account lol. I only have 4 cents left, and I might need to just reset the account info or something but I’ll figure it out soon! It’s been acting up for a while but someone gave me a gift card so I was able to get Regina’s album and Brooke’s single haha. Thank you for the gift card though! Carly Smithson also has her new band! Woot woot woot. It’s called We Are the Fallen and you can check out their new song on http://www.myspace.com/wearethefallen. You should check it all out! I’m really excited for all my idol buddies! haha. I also heard that it’s Jason Mraz’s birthday today on this music-packed day, so happy birthday to Jason!

Ok, so I think I’m done for this blog entry! Hooray for not rambling as much! What’s funny is it takes me just as long to make short blogs as it does long blogs haha. Wait.. maybe even longer! Because it takes quite the effort to summarize what I want to say. As long as it makes sense though and there’s not so much dead space for those who read, I’m happy. Well all right, before I allow myself to ramble even more I’ll talk to you guys later!

Song for the day: Radio Radio – Brooke White

Certified Gold!

David just happily tweeted that his self-titled debut album is officially certified Gold.  He’s receiving his plaque today.  Congratulations, David! 🙂