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Singing Like He’s Grown

So, when you’re making an entrance like this (video from Wilkes Barre concert last night)…

… you better be headlining your own tour, lest the artist following is a huge star a la Miley Cyrus.  No wonder, then, that Demi Lovato has already been quoted as saying she needs to “pinch herself” because she can’t believe “an American Idol contestant” is opening for her (see IDF link posted by Desertrat in previous post).  All I can say to that is, yes, Demi, I cannot believe David is opening for someone such as yourself either.

Regardless of the line-up, I have to say it’s really sinking in as to how fast David has “grown.”  Sure, he needs someone to choreograph him to just stand still with a certain pose of bravado so that silhouetted opening really drives the audience wild and over-the-top in their swooning, but David will get there.  However, the same IDF link reveals a concert goer’s observations that he seemed quite sad when getting off his tour bus.  So, it wasn’t just our imaginations when we heard raw pain and anguish in David’s “Apologize” performance in Hartford two nights ago.  There is still a wave of melancholy in last night’s version:

Yet, it’s nothing like the Hartford performance.  He still sings beautifully, but there’s nothing like the rawness of the first performance.  At any rate, what has definitely changed is the quality and gravity in the Voice.  We’ve always known David can sing like he’s “grown,” but now, I’m feeling that he, the Man, is finally grown.  As if David the boy finally caught up with his beyond-his-years Voice.  And, just like that, David feels so out of place in this tween/teen marketing in which he is “opening” for some Disney teen star.  I would hate to be following a David Archuleta, no matter how “honored” I felt to have an “American Idol” contestant opening for me.  As we’ve all witnessed, David grows by leaps and bounds.  Whatever will he be like at the end of this tour?  Even his shoulders seem wider, his eyes hooded, his demeanor more mature.  We still have glimpses of his boyhood (that “wave” behind the curtain), but it is slowly disappearing.  Sniff sniff.

Who am I kidding?  I’ve been waiting for “Just David” to catch up with “David the Voice” for quite some time. It’s just happening a lot sooner than I anticipated.  He will continue to amaze, and while I’m saddened to hear that he seems sadder than his usual self, we will definitely benefit from that David Archuleta sound.  He, who has always been able to mend the heart, is now quite capable of breaking it.  

And just to show where David’s heart still lies, read this story about Project Alicia (whom David dedicated his song “You Can” to at last night’s concert).

Videos posted courtesy of The David Chronicles.