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Slay Me Now!

Da-yum!!!!!! And, I do believe this is probably the only public statement we’ll ever get from David on personal matters.

Heartbreaking.  Overwhelming.  Soul-piercing.  Thanks to LittleM for posting this video here and to koko4da for uploading.

That David Archuleta Sound


I have finally come to accept that David Archuleta will never cease to amaze me.  I understand at tonight’s concert with Demi Lovato, he did “Apologize” on piano?  Must. See. Video!

Before delivering a setting-fire-to-the-stage, Archulicious performance at the San Diego Fair grounds in Del Mar last night (seriously making me wish I had taken the time off to just fly out to California and see him live – and meet up with some fellow TDCers), it appears that David took some time to give a revealing interview with The Boston Herald.  Most fascinating is this quote:

I still don’t have this absolute sound that I can say, ‘This is my sound and this is who I am.’ I want to figure out how to tie all the little things I like in music together so people can say, ‘That’s David Archuleta’s sound. That’s who he is.’ It seems like with ‘American Idol,’ the fans are so diverse and I don’t really want to exclude a certain age group. I don’t want to be teenybop David Archuleta forever, but I’d like to be able to relate to as many people as I can.

This needs to be engraved in stone somewhere, especially since I’ve butted heads with fellow David lovers about why I wasn’t feeling this “Disney route” in music and why it is high time we recognize that David is ready to embrace his diverse fanbase and just go out there and conquer the music world.  For an 18-year-old to have a vision of having his own sound – and not replicate someone else’s – well, that is the sign of a true artist.  I swear, the idea of a “David Archuleta Sound” gives me chills.  This is rather distinct from just recognizing The Voice that is David Archuleta.

And yet, I’m almost convinced that this sound may reveal itself best if he puts out an album of cover songs.  We’ve already had this discussion here on Soul David about a cover album, and of course, there is the anticipation of the Christmas album.  And while David refers in this interview to developing his own sound as an artist and writer, I would love for him to craft that amazing gift of singing – telling a story through song just on the strength of his amazing vocal interpretation and improvisation.  Some of our greatest vocalists – from Billie Holiday to Ella Fitzgerald – have delivered virtuoso performances through their interpretation of cover songs.  And whenever I hear David do something different with another artist’s song – “A Thousand Miles,” “Heaven,” “Crazy,” “Angels,” “And So It Goes,” etc. – he always places his own stamp on it.  I think it’s ironic that he feels he must search for that David Archuleta sound because, whenever he takes someone else’s song and does his own spin on it, that sound has already been created and reinvigorated with his Archugreatness.

So, apart from the Purely David World Album concept, I’m throwing out another album concept, based purely on the idea of a David Archuleta cover album.  Let’s hypothetically call it “The Emancipation of BB” (tongue in cheek), seeing as so many think he needs liberation.  I’m not just talking personally but musically.  If he could take the reins, freeing himself from some “teenybop” or “current pop” sound that he seems under contract to deliver, what kind of Archusound would we get on these cover songs (see below)?

1.  One – We’ve heard David sing a snippet of U2’s popular ballad, which I’ve already mentioned in my Father’s Day post, but what if we had a full version? I understand there was even a petition to get David to record this song! I’m in full support, not to mention this is an “emancipation” anthem of sorts, if ever there was one.

2.  Lately – Because he would kill on any Stevie Wonder song, and this is my absolute favorite Stevie Wonder ballad ever. He could add some lovely, gorgeous runs towards the end and seriously “take it to church.”  (Listen)

3.  Benny and the Jets – I remember when I heard David was given Elton John and George Michael’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me,” I seriously rolled my eyes.  Every season on American Idol, they always bring out this song, and it always dooms the contestant who sings it to runner-up status (David, Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, Justin Guarini).  Little did I know that David would slay me with it. Which just goes to show that, had he gotten a different Elton John song, he would have taken it to new heights.  Which is why I would love to hear his vocals wrapped around this fun 70s song with its awesome piano melody.

4.  Hey Jude – Speaking of American Idol, eversince it was rumored “Hey Jude” was David’s first choice for Beatles week, but he ended up singing (and messing up on) “We Can Work It Out,” I’ve been real curious about what he might have done with this classic.  I can imagine that special Archusound on this one!

5.  Under Pressure – Other songs I had hoped he performed on American Idol was this David Bowie and Freddie Mercury duet, especially since he had to do a duet with David Cook during their season finale.  I think they would have sounded so much better on this song than on “Hero.”  On David’s own cover album, why not bring back his “big brother” to do this duet?

6.  Human Nature – Since David has expressed his love for Michael Jackson’s music, I think he’d do some amazing runs if he did an acoustic version of this ballad.  Can’t you just hear his falsetto on this already?

7.  Songbird – When David was once asked by Larry King who he would most like to duet with, he said the late Eva Cassidy.  The fact that his mind already went there means his voice and her recorded one should one day come together in harmony.  So, here’s another coveted duet, and since I love her “Songbird,” I think David’s vocals mixed with hers would be sublime on this one.

8.  Ooh Child – If ever there is an inspirational song that David could sing for any of his charities, this classic from The Five Stairsteps would certainly benefit from an Archusound.  (Listen to Nina Simone’s version)

9.  I’m Yours – Just because David needs to lay down this track from his idol Jason Mraz.

10.  Tender Love – Ever since I heard Alicia Keys’ rendition of this Force M.D. ballad (Listen), I’ve been wanting the tenderness of David’s vocals to wrap around this song like a warm, velvety blanket.  Maybe another duet track with Keys herself?  But, of course, David would tear this song up all by himself.

11.  Apologize – Just David, stripped down and on piano, re-packaged of course with his Archusound.

12.  Imagine – And what would a cover album be without his ultimate cover that is John Lennon’s “Imagine”?

And this is what comes from watching a bunch of Del Mar videos and letting my imagination loose as I contemplate an Archusound. haha!

Is this a potential Grammy album?  I’d love to hear what your own David cover wish album would consist of!