Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

Showing David Love and Support


I don’t even need to mention the incident that has David’s fan base on edge.  It’s all over the news media at the moment.  What I will say is how truly relieved I was to 1) see that David issued a statement saying how much he thanks his fans for our “continued support” (see US Magazine) as he prepares for his summer tour and 2) see that he recently tweeted, “Another day of rehearsiiing. Took a nap in the van lol. It helped a lot.”

Sigh. I’m sure that nap helped a lot.  But more than that, this little bit of communique was what we needed to know that, whatever is going on with his father, he – David Archuleta – is moving on and focusing on his upcoming tour.  He is the ultimate professional, and he will not do negativity. Those of us who love him do so for a reason.

So, why post on this subject at all?  Because I hate silence, and self-imposed silences don’t sit well with me.  I want to show David support as a fan, but part of that support means being able to make our own statement, rather than stay quiet while all around us the din of media, news, and gossip reverberates.  I have gone from shock to disappointment to anger to anxiety, wondering how such a wholesome and honest guy with his extraordinary talent gets tainted by the scandals and the mess created by those close to him.  Perhaps he’s a testimony to how human we all are, and even when some of us want to crown halos around him, he is very much of this earth and surrounded by all too flawed human beings.

Naturally, there are many speculating right this minute about David’s goodness, questioning how “real” it is and whether or not his upright qualities are some kind of mask or some escape mechanism; you know how folks will start speculating about the home life and personal relationships of public figures, especially in the wake of scandal.  We don’t know anything, nor can we start doing psychoanalysis when we’re only getting bits and pieces of the story.  What I do believe, however, is that David is as good and as sincere as he seems.  That these qualities come from him and not from anyone else.  We are all responsible for our own actions.  If he can keep singing the way he does, and help us forget our troubles, I hope his music does the same for him.

I just wanted to at least lift the silence -as there seems to be one on a number of David’s prominent fan sites – and acknowledge this moment without catering to the gossip mongers and the naysayers.  We fans need to at least express our own thoughts, rather than let the non-fans do all the talking.  If nothing else, I just want to say: I love you David, no matter what, and I’m supporting you all the way.