Daily Archives: June 12, 2009

Uptempo David


I sense a wave of nostalgia permeating the Arch Angel fanbase.  There was already a discussion occurring on Idol Forums about the longing for David’s ballads, which made him a favorite on American Idol, just before Rascal over on TDC posted his thought-provoking article, “Being Balladeer: It’s Time to Stake the Claim.”

Considering I had already raised this issue of David returning to “balladeer” form in my “Inspirational David” post, I want to take this opportunity to champion uptempo David.  Yes, I say this in the wake of having been slayed by David’s latest performances – his a cappella “Prayer of the Children” and his recently released acoustic “A Thousand Miles.”  While nothing compares to a David Archuleta ballad, there is something quite robust and energetic and equally exciting musically about his uptempo songs.

I’m a fan of Zero Gravity, and I just love the zoning-out qualities of it.  While uptempo songs are, by nature, designed to get everybody up and moving on the  dance floor – therefore, little emphasis is placed on vocal skill in such songs – I think here is where we can appreciate another skill: David’s songwriting potential.  It’s no surprise, at least to me, that the uptempo songs many of his fans prefer are the ones David had a hand in writing. This includes ZG, as well as “Waiting for Yesterday” and “Works for Me.”  The latter two songs, I might add, show off his falsettos beautifully.

If David moves us deeply through a contemplative, inspirational song, in essence, as Rascal argues, going back to doing what he does best – “make us cry” – then I think it is as equally useful if he knows how to move us to get up off our feet.   Curiously enough, after a terrible incident that I experienced earlier this week – there was a hate crime incident at my workplace – it was mostly Zero Gravity that I turned to as a way of escape.  What I needed this week was less contemplative soulful David and more uptempo David.  I needed that energy and that kick to take on the world and transcend its ugliness.

I hope, with David’s sophomore effort, that he is able to strike a balance between the two genres of ballad and uptempo.  Inspirational David should be able to move us to tears as well as move us to power-walk or power-dance.