Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

Simply the Best…Better Than All the Rest

Need I say more?

Download Mp3 version.

“Imagine” There’s A Video…

Since the news of David earning a standing ovation for his performance of John Lennon ‘s “Imagine” on piano, I’ve been hunting down a video. Alas, nothing! 😦

So, in lieu of that standing-O-inducing performance, here’s a quick trip down memory lane to soothe the yearning.

Imagine 1.0

Imagine 2.0

In the first rendition, I love that money note coming right in the fourth line:

A broooooootherhoooooooood of maa-aa-ay-aan… (LOVE IT!)

Of course, in the second rendition, I love the beautiful, soft run on the first note of the word “Imagine.”

I-maa-aaa-gine allll the peo—ple … (Sigh)

Someday, we will hear the latest version. It is my hope.