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The Price of Fame: Graduation Delayed

david_gameDavid’s senior class graduates this weekend.  Unfortunately, according to this article cited on David Archuleta Fans, David won’t be graduating with his class.  Sigh. 

I don’t know why, but I feel really bummed about this.  Especially when David is quoted as saying:

“When I joined ‘American Idol,’ I had to stop school,” he said. “Those who were the younger contestants worked with a studio teacher, but I couldn’t keep up.”

Archuleta said he is working on — and hoping to — earn his high-school diploma. “I want to, but it’s hard.”

I know it’s the teacher in me, but it saddens me that, with the non-stop touring, album promotion, and all these efforts to keep David out there, there was no time for David to keep up.  He only had one year left of high school.  He was a straight A student. And, while there is no arguing that David is destined to have a successful music career, I still want him to complete a quality education and earn that diploma.  

I remember also how I argued that, if Jive/Azoff had nothing better to do this past spring season than to book David on these endless tours – since I had no time to go to his solo tour, what with various personal concerns, emergency trips, and my daily work of TEACHING and working hard at giving students their EDUCATION, I was under the impression he could have waited for the summer – they should just let him finish his high school senior year while they pushed his second single for radio play.  He even made a music video that could have made the rounds on TV!  I butted heads with others in the fanbase of course since they felt that David “needed to be out there.”  As if 6 months of catching up and finishing his diploma somehow got in the way of David’s music career. This was the wisdom of so many people, and it made me cringe but I did so quietly since not too many people were in agreement with me that David could have taken the break from all this touring and promotions to finish his education.

Considering that music artists take breaks all the time, I saw nothing wrong if David actually had a 6-month hiatus to finish his senior year.  If people forget about you, that’s what brand new promotions and a new album (which is scheduled to come out anyway) are designed for: to make room for a “comeback.”

Sigh. This argument is neither here nor there.  I just wanted my straight A student, who had already accomplished so much just with a debut album and a hit single, to have also been able to add a diploma to his list of accomplishments.

Hearing a straight A student say about earning a high school diploma – “I want to, but it’s hard” – truly breaks my heart.  😦

David with His Band


Thanks to Snarky Archies for photographic gems like this:


More Star-Spangled Banner This Weekend!

This is definitely my favorite National Anthem performance from David (at the Pro-Bowl in Hawaii):

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