Purely David

What lovely treasures this morning: videos by djb from David’s performance last night at Tribeca in New York City.  All intimate, stripped down, bare bones, unplugged PURELY DAVID!

Here’s “Angels” almost on par with his Tulsa Angels from last year’s AI Tour:

Here’s “A Thousand Miles” (this one brought tears to my eyes):

In my previous post, I may have been bothered by our young people learning that “innocence” no longer has value.  But, seriously, when I listen to The Voice, and how he brings back the value of simplicity and purity, I can only stand back in awe and wonder and hope that the rest of the world can look beyond the hubris of our flawed society and appreciate how blessed we are to have David Archuleta in our midst.

Here’s a touching review of last night’s show from Happy over at TDC.

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  1. David is just incredible; u can see that music comes straight from his soul! Both videos once again left me in awe of his talent.

  2. Hello HG – I hope David always keeps “Angels” and “A Thousand Miles” in his repertoire. Although no other instrument is needed with his voice alone, I’m especially captivated by how much more he seems to smile (especially in ATM) when he accompanies himself on the keyboard. Besides what we hear, having his hands on those keys is another outlet for the very heartfelt and soulful sounds in him. He just beams. Without a doubt, David’s happiness through music makes us happy – and vice-versa

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    Hi Bluebarsa! Welcome to my blog. Both you and desertrat make an important point about the soulful side of David when it’s just him, and his keyboard, and us.

    I wish his label understood this fundamental aspect of him. Just hearing that there might be some conflict between David wanting an acoustic sound for his next album – vs. the more “dance” album his label wants, which has its place in the current music scene but doesn’t really reflect the best of what David has to offer – indicates that David hasn’t forgotten what is essentially a “purely David” sound.

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