David’s Twitter = Comedy Gold!

archdorableThere goes that “dry wit” of David. ha ha!

His latest tweets (right up until he learned of the earthquake in Honduras) had me in stitches this gloomy, rainy morning:

Left my ticket at security. was on my way back to get it when they announced my name over the speaker. Everyone knows I’m here now lol

Lady comes up to me and says “excuse me, but has anyone ever told you you look a lot like David Archuleta?” I say oh a few times. Haha

And here I thought a TV series about Twitter was a lousy idea.  I guess it depends which celebrity you’re following, and David’s makes it so much fun!


See, Jeff?  This is how you tweet and make it relevant to the world.

Just a flashback to David’s “dry wit,” which should have clued us all in to David’s comedic potential:

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  1. Hi HG..I’m just a tad ashamed to admit this, but I no longer go to TDC first thing in the AM..I now check out David’s twitter acct to see what, if anything happened overnight. If no new tweets show up, I actually feel disappointed. His tweets are interesting and entertaining. Very upbeat & mostly positive…makes the most of any situation. And like I said before, if HE wants us to know, HE will let us know.

    Who knows why Jeff felt the need to have a twitter acct. He’s gaining lots of followers too. Probably all fans of David’s, of course.

    Have a great day!

  2. hell0g0rge0us

    SF, David reminds me of that Natasha Bedingfield song, “A Pocketful of Sunshine.” He so is, and whatever is going on, he always manages to bring out the sun and the fun. He’s so precious.

    Let’s also hope that ONLY David’s fans feel the urge to follow Jeff (why, I don’t know) and not his haters – nothing like Jeff’s perennial foot-in-mouth disease to say the wrong thing on twitter and provide grist for the mill.

  3. SF – LOL on checking tweets. I was convinced to get a Twitter account which I have as private and I like it. Not prone though to write much but like following my more chatty friends & family. So, with my account I can have tweets forward to my SMS text account on my PDA. And, ta-da, instant updates including David’s which are charming and give a sense of mood and focus.

    I like that David is using this new networking technology to keep a relationship with his fan base. Primary source information for us and no dilution or spins through others eyes. Actually, if he is doing this purposefully to keep his fan base up to date (he knows the fans crave information) then this is a very smart move. He can share all that he wishes to share, keep fans focus and directed on what he wants them to know, keep their energy channeled and, voila, he has a sense of control and privacy. I like it, I like it a lot!

    Those tweets do give a sense of a relationship which as many have pointed out over time is David’s gift, connection to his fans.

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    I agree, Kizzi. It definitely shows David as really savvy in his relationship with fans.

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