Daily Archives: May 27, 2009

Fabricating Family Drama

So, last night I missed out on the action but got debriefed pretty quickly.  Apparently, a message appeared on Jeff Archuleta’s twitter (seriously, what is a celebrity dad doing with a twitter account, but I digress) declaring:


Fortunately, most of us thought that surely he would not invade his son’s privacy in this way.  It turns out someone hacked into Jeff’s account (received this info from Fanblast):


Poor bb! Somehow there is always drama circling him, and he’s the most unassuming innocuous guy out there. I’m feeling a Chris Crocker screaming rant coming:


Okay, enough with the melodrama, but seriously, let’s honor David’s privacy. Which, to me, not only encompasses his love life but his family life as well.  I think his family life includes his dad, his mom, and his siblings.  I may have ODD, but that means anything I need to know about David, he tells me on his twitter, his blogs, and his vlogs. I don’t need to go see what his daddy has to say or what his brother has to say.

And, as Archie fans, I think we need to seriously question why we think following his dad’s twitter is going to give us any more information than what David already tells us in his tweets. I wouldn’t even have known about what went down on Jeff’s twitter if other fans didn’t rile up the fanbase about it.

So yeah, while I think it’s terrible that some hacker broke into his account, I’m not sure I want to encourage his tweets – whether they are appropriate or not.  But that’s just me.