Daily Archives: May 26, 2009

This is Kinda Funny but Creepy

Got clued into some weird-looking animation videos on you tube from Snarky Archies.  This one had me rofl!

David Archuleta: The Musical


And I do mean movie musical – as opposed to Broadway musical – because wouldn’t his life and love for music make the best musical concept, and doesn’t his larger than life deserve cinematic treatment?

So, David goes home to Utah, looooves his sisters, plays guitar with his bro, totally does not act like the superstar at home (because, really, only at home would you not have control of the remote – and I gather David was not going to assert himself, even if his paycheck is suddenly bigger than everyone else’s: LOVE HIM!), but most predictable of all: he’s going to concerts (the latest being Paramore and No Doubt)!

Any guy who surrounds himself continually with music, who lives and breathes it, who breaks out randomly into song, who even sings in his sleep, is worthy to inspire a whole musical.

He could give Julie Andrews’ character in The Sound of Music some serious competition.

And it wouldn’t be hard.  The basic concept: Every new action, every new person, every new situation inspires a song.  Ha ha! That would make me positively giddy!

And of course, the movie musical ends with a big ol’ magic rainbow – the kind that only technicolor cinema could produce.

The Music Man 2.0!

My only reservation: that either Jive or Disney would be involved with the soundtrack. Ugh!