Daily Archives: May 17, 2009

David and Co. in Newsweek’s “American Idol” Roundtable


Remember way back when David was tweeting Jordin about how much he missed seeing her “cheerful face” while listening to her voice?  Well, here’s the full context as revealed in Newsweek’s American Idol Roundtable, where David – along with Fantasia (who just disappears in the discussion – guess she was too busy getting her Arby’s burger), Ruben!, Kelly Pickler, Taylor Hicks, and Jordin Sparks – discuss all things Idol.

Poor BB reveals how “freaked out” he was returning to the Idol stage (Jordin calls the whole Idol experience “slightly traumatic”), and David also wishes we understood that this whole relationship between him and us fans is a “one-way thing” since he can’t really know us the way we think we know him.

Just a great read overall.