Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Connecting with His Audience

Last October, I posted my first fan video tribute to David Archuleta (see above).  While his “Heaven” was definitely love at first sight for me, it was his Top 3 performance of Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” that drove me over the edge; really, this was the beginning of ODD for me.

Which is why last night’s Top 3 performances of Season 8 on American Idol left me so empty.  What was it about David’s pure vocality that haunted me, dug deep into me, that this season’s new crop of contestants can’t even touch?

I think it’s the difference between performing on TV and connecting with your audience. If there’s anything David has an incredible knack for, it’s dipping deep into the well of his soul and drawing forth a freshness and a spiritual quality of music that touches your ears and then your heart. And those who have been touched can testify.  He just keeps “killing us softly” with his many songs.

So, while David’s busy tweeting his fans all over the world and preparing for his busy week touring in the Philippines, may we remember that uncanny ability of his to know how to make that heart connection and keep it going.