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  1. Great poll Hg, I voted for all the above just because I would take anyone of them or yes, all of them would be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!!! Right about now…ANYTHING that shows activity in his career (I know he is writing, recording, but to me that’s preparing not being active)…omo though.

  2. Have they announced the new cast of DWTS yet??????!!! Maybe David is on there! :)

  3. Another great poll,hg. Puts the focus back on David’s music career-which is right where is should be. :) I voted all of the above but I really believe signing to a major label or even a major indie label might lead to all the rest. Sierra knows!- I would love it if David was on DWTS but can’t see him agreeing to that. lol. :)

  4. Sierra knows, that would be AWESOME, although doubt it would happen…
    Would love for him to able to introduce a new song, Spanish, English or a combination of the two language in a major show, like DWTS. just think, seeing him every week again and knowing he will be singing a new song, SIGH, dream big baby, lol.
    Love the focus on his career!!!!

  5. Think David likes t surprise us. Remember Nanditoako? Thousands f fans said~ no way is he gnna do that, BUT HE DID AS WE ALL KNOWW!!! :)

  6. He kinda surprised me with that mustache !!LOL, like he was thinking~ hey people! I’m still the same old silly David from Idol :)

  7. I’m trying to keep it real. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely he will be on DWTS. He just doesn’t have the management to get him that gig IMHO, and I don’t think it’s something he wants to do. I am hoping for a single with a great music video that was filmed in Costa Rica which is at least likely because he did film a video in Costa Rica. I’m also hoping for at least a singing appearance or small tour. He does have the Bandsintown app enabled on his Facebook which leads me to believe that he might have a concert somewhere hopefully this fall. We shall see. He is moving much slower than I anticipated in getting his singing career up and running again. We have no idea if Kari was even tweeting about David. I don’t think a major label is in the cards currently. Again, I’m just keeping it real.

  8. If you selected I wish for something else for David, what would that be? Going to school? Get married? Keep writing music but put off performing til later? I guess those things might be what David will do.

  9. I don’t know who the fans that want something else for David, which of course, would not be related to a professional music career. I say that because I doubt that anyone would ever think that music would not be in David’s life. I’m guessing that those fans are fans of David the person more than fans of David the singer. I guess there is nothing wrong with having a fan following that is happy just following your personal life. I just wouldn’t think that would be something that David would like, but who really knows.

  10. Awe dang, ok, of course, we are only dreaming way outside the David comfortable box, lol.
    I know that is a strong possibility regarding his team not being strong enough to pull off a gig like DWTS, even if David was willing to…go for it, like he went for it when he did NA., but again who the heck knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  11. lol, like your aka name. That happy face leads me to think that there will be a lot of SPAZZING going in David land, instead of OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS, hahahaha!!!!

  12. Sierra, you’re going to have to send me royalties for stealing my words for your new screen name, lol.

    As for your post, I agree with you. I expect David will be rewarding our patience very soon.

  13. But what about an indie label? Most of the indie labels are distributed through the major labels so there is a connection.

  14. Bliss~ I was gonna write( according to Bliss) in parenthesis after my name but didn’t know if you’d find that funny or not LOL! ;)

  15. David could sign with an Indie label for sure. Yes, it could be distributed through a major like Sony. He did that in Asia.

  16. I hope David finds a better label than E One that put out NMHF. Of course David wasn’t here to do promo, but the marketing for that album was not good.

  17. Grammyj, a very good question.

    “Something else” could also mean making music videos only, NA part 2, a Broadway musical, a Pixar/Disney movie voiceover, or exclusively Christian music. Can’t imagine anyone not wanting David to keep singing in some form or another.

    Singing is his profession and as far as we know, he’s not experienced in any other profession. So maybe going to school may not be out of the realm of possibilities, in case he ever needs a Plan B. Unthinkable but you just never know. There are so many immensely talented artists who never get opportunities, or have doors opened or be able reach for & get the brass ring. not even once. David has had all three but it’s a new day & a new time.

    Also trying to be realistic.

  18. I’m a “none of the above”. I’m not very excited with any of the people D is currently working with; nothing about their music made me want to listen to their songs all the way thru. As a next step, I’d be most excited if he moved on from Kari and Gina and got a prominent manager. Regardless, I’ll probably buy whatever he’s working on, attend his shows, etc.

    I can understand him not touring now. A few posts back, someone here posted a link to an article that mentioned that summer is a bad time to tour unless you’re a major artist (e.g, Beyonce, JT) because less known artists just can’t compete for the consumer’s dollar.

  19. My concern that david hasn’t done much recording and writing new music lately at all, that is the truth and I think david is maybe thinking of quitting music to do other personal things.

  20. desertrat- I tend to agree with you. Some good points. I get why David is not touring now too.

  21. I honestly don’t know if I like today’s post. ha..I chose the one thing I know he’ll never do again – sign to a major label. Because without one, I’m not sure that the rest can/will happen. I don’t even know if he wants it to happen. A little clue would be nice….

  22. Ya know all these record label execs out there, do they have a brain???! They should all be fighting over DAvid, the morons! I have seriously lost respect for most f them!!! :(

  23. I disagree. We know he has finished four songs for sure that we have not heard. He could put those out as an EP. He doesn’t need to collect enough for a whole album. I do like the music of the people he has been working with so I am excited to hear it. The snippet some of us heard before it was taken down was an upbeat Spanish song. It could be for the Costa Rica video. I seriously doubt he would have gone to all the trouble of going to Costa Rica if he wasn’t going to do something with that video.

  24. He can do MOST of it without a major label. The only thing that is very hard to do without a major label is to get radio play. In this day in age that is not as important as it once was. There are many, many artists touring without a major label.

  25. Lol. You tell ‘em, Sierra. Actually, I think it’s David who might not be interested in them. Right now, I don’t think he wants anything to do with the “selfishness” of the Hollywood scene.

  26. David has said in a recent interview that there will be new music and tours when the time is right. I have no clue when the time will be right for David. I hope he doesn’t wait too long.

  27. Thanks, Grammyj. That’s good to know…How would he get decent promotion/ publicity, though? That’s been almost non-existent since “Crush”..

  28. But it’s not too early to get some fall dates posted and even Christmas ones so people can plan and buy tickets. I’ve seen tickets for sale or about to go on sale for Christmas concerts.

  29. VJ-honestly-I don’t know if the rest can happen without it either but we shall see. I do wonder how motivated David is to have a music career when he seems to want nothing to do with the music industry. How can you not wonder? lol. Hopefully we will know something soon. :)

  30. Desertrat,what kind of music would you like David to record? Actually a good songwriter can usually write in many genres. David seems to be able to take any song and breathe live into it.

  31. Omg really! David hasn’t done Nothing with new music, we all see that.We may never know what david really want, he may said there might be tour and new music but he can change his mind go to another route something different in his life

  32. Grammyj- “…I hope he knows that eventually he will need to make a living.” Exactly.


  33. That’s a great question, VJ. I don’t have a good answer for that one. It is very hard for the independent artist. He does have his social media that he could use more effectively to promote.

  34. It is not so much the not touring for me as I “get” that David might not be able to do that but at least he could make some appearances at musical events/festivals. Casey Abrams seems to make quite a few appearances at music Festivals and other music events. He is managed by Gina and is an AI alum.

  35. Hi VJ, yeah maybe it’s David not interested. :( It’s true, we don’t actually know. WISH WE DID KNOW!!! Jimmy Iovine, I thought you loved David! What’s the deal??? !!! :(

  36. Maybe David does not read the websites, don’t know, I would if I was him, just to know!!! Maybe I should write him a letter for real like a normal person and ask him what’s going on and see if he gives me the time of day!!! I will include my phone # and if he calls me I will have a heart attack!!!!!! :) Should I do that?

  37. Omg Good for him, bad for us!!! :( He’s not gonna want ANYTHING t do with mainstream music now!!! :(

  38. David will probably always volunteer to do things for his church but Mormons don’t have paid clergy. He will need to do something that pays him a living.

  39. I totally understand if David choose his Church(of course pleasing God more important than pleasing us) but still makes me very sad!!!! :(

  40. Sierra AKA VIP Drama Queen, You say this :Bliss~ I was gonna write( according to Bliss) in parenthesis after my name but didn’t know if you’d find that funny or not LOL! ;)

    I thought it was very funny actually. You seem like a nice person who is supportive of David, and you have a good sense of humor. Don’t believe what you read about me on this site. I’m a fan who loves and respects David, that’s all. Some of these people don’t like to be held accountable for some of the disrespectful things they have said about David, especially in the past 2 1/2 years, and they hope that by demonizing me, it will lessen the impact. They can be really vicious (the last thread was a doozy ,lol), but I will always be here to make sure that David is spoken about in a manner that befits a person of his high caliber.

    Fan sites are created to celebrate the artist, both personally and professionally. Some folks around here apparently haven’t gotten that memo, but you have. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

  41. Their clergy is not paid??? Wow, had no idea! Thought that’s what they did for their job. Thank you for that imprtant information!! :)

  42. Bliss~ Thankyou fr explaining! I do believe you, you seem like a nice and thoughtful caring person. :)

  43. Sierra, some people, like the one above your post, come on here to spread lies about what David said or did or is going to do. They have no basis for their information, but since everything online is “fair game” they do it anyway. The “David said he was an LDS priest” nonsense is an example of this.

  44. Grammyj, 9:01, I would enjoy David singing inspirational and message songs with a 5 for Fighting type sound. Also, I thought the “gotta get thru this” sound also was a good fit.

  45. U guys just don’t get it, david really cares about his music business and making new music for the fans, he would have been in the studio more than anything , he had not even done that as much he should have , that how I feel about that. Again nite guys

  46. Regarding the “LDS priest” comment, those who are unfamiliar with LDS might confuse the use of this word with how it’s used in some other religions. Any young man over the ago of 16 who is active in the LDS church can be considered a “priest”. This is a precursor to becoming an “elder” to go on a mission. It’s not a career.

  47. What do I desire next for David? That’s a loaded question lol. I desire for him to have a meaningful career that he can feel fulfilled by and that, in turn, fans can enjoy. I don’t guess there’s any one thing that would make me happiest first. I’d like most all of it eventually ;)

  48. That’s why the Mormons are so dependent on their young missionaries to do a lot of the church work along with their volunteers. Any other religion David would probably be doing paid church work through his music or a full time missionary because he is so devout.

  49. Ali, thanks for the clarification. Like most non LDS fans, I know very little actual facts about the LDS Church, and it is easy to be swayed by mythology, anecdotal accounts or intentional misrepresentations masquerading as doctrine. As David is a devout Mormon, and as I am a fan of David’s, I appreciate knowing the real information about this important aspect of his life.

  50. Sierra, you posted this: “Maybe David is choosing the Church over his fans!!!

    Yes, that’s true, it’s always been true and probably always will be true. It’s OK, though. David appreciates his fans and the support they have given his career over the years. He still can and , I believe, will, have a great career singing all kinds of music that people with all sorts of beliefs and non beliefs will enjoy. David is not only mega- talented, he is also multi-talented. His strong religious beliefs are what give his music its wonderful passion and power, whether he’s singing “O Holy Night” or “Zero Gravity”.

  51. I just read the last thread before this (goodness, long!) The comment by Senseless made me gasp, and I will be honest, no post by Bliss ever has made me feel that uncomfortable. To use her phrase, “The Jesus I read about” would never express blatant dislike for another human being in that way. Bliss may be OTT, but you only have to notice how many LDS fans have quit posting to know they don’t feel welcome here anymore because of the tone of the comments. Which makes me think for sure David would not be comfortable reading this site. I’m not sure why HG isn’t bothered by the fact that her beloved would not be welcome here. I don’t think she reads these threads anymore. I agree with ‘embarrassed’ on the last thread – cringing, and no longer call myself a ‘fan’ in the typical sense.

    I wish that everyone on ‘both sides’ would make half an effort to understand. Like those that felt it was simply common decency to be respectful to David in comments they make. The ‘other side’ comes out sounding like they want to defend their right to say any nasty thing they want. I can’t believe they really do, but they don’t understand that that is what they sound like when they disagree with someone saying we should just have common decency. Like, you’re not on the side of being decent? Is that what you really mean? If not, then why disagree? And why immediately go to the ‘policing’ and ‘bullying’ buzz words that shut down conversation? What are you afraid you are not going to be able to say if you keep David’s humanity and feelings in mind?

    At any rate, as I’ve read over the last months, everything on both sides has been hashed to death and no one is really going to change their minds. HG, I beg of you, close down your comments and regroup. Lighten up the site – figuratively and literally – and come out fresh with some rules to follow. With respect :)

  52. The thing is in the end it is not really what the fans desire for David’s career that matters- it is what is David’s desire for his career. He is the one that has to have the plan and the motivation for his career. I have not a clue on that one- as to what direction he wants to go. Hope we find out soon. :) Night all.

  53. RX, your screen name is right on the money because your post is “just what the doctor ordered”. I will let your words speak for themselves because they clearly express all that is decent and respectful to David Archuleta, for whom this fan site was created.

  54. You are right about one thing-some that posted here no longer do- like peter- or no longer post on other fan sites for that matter but I don’t think it has anything to do with what you stated in your comment. I think it is for other reasons but I am not getting into that. :) Although I would guess some have moved on to Twitter and FB or just moved on to be honest. The focus should always be on David’s music career but that does require David to be doing something more obvious with his music career. Maybe he is. idk.

  55. The priesthood is conferred upon every worthy male at the age of 12 in the LDS church. They go on to pursue secular careers in whatever field of interest they desire. David held the priesthood long before AI.

  56. I just read that Justin Timberlake’s August 24 concert is being live streamed on a new concert channel on Yahoo. That might be the something great around the corner that Kari was tweeting about. I try not to get excited about her cryptic tweets any more.

  57. The young men in the LDS church are ordained to the priesthood when they are in their teens, and receive more responsibility when they become adults. It is a lay church. So … David is working on his music career. Its in his blood!

  58. Yep sound right to me. I really just think that Kari is a friend of David’s now, not working for David. It’s fun to have a conversation about it might be about David, really don’t think so though. So even though I would want to give any weight to that tweet, I just can’t. I have no expectations about David’s music career right now, actually might be the farthest thing from his mind. He’s having fun, dating and just enjoying his life, eating out a lot, lol, happy for him. You know that old saying silence is golden, in this case, silence very telling, lol. I’m thinking that we will get some music release at some point and I’ll be excited to listen, buy if I like it, whenever that happens.

  59. I voted that a television appearance, however unlikely it seems now, would be the most exciting thing, not that it would be the ultimate goal, which of course is hearing him sing for an audience and on recordings–but because it would demonstrate that he’s back in the swing of things and ready to proceed with his career for the general public.

  60. For me it would be best if David just releases a strong “single” followed by another hit single… You know, like a reintroduction to himself to the showbiz/music world. And simultaneously have a music video for that. It would be fresher and wiser. Releasing an entire album would be very great to us loyal supporters, but in reality… I think David will find it hard to sell bigtime. He can sprinkle fragments first… Then when everything’s set in tone (when many people got to know him again and were able to rediscover his music) it would be the optimum time for an album release which will include the prior singles. This could opt people to buy the album because they’re familiar with some of it and would love to discover the rest of it.

    And it would be brilliant if he could have a collaboration with an artist like Colbie, Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran and such artists.. (a fan could dream right?! LOL)

    And then David could do shows, maybe mini shows first… Then climb all the way to big venues (if he wanted big mainstream venues).

    David I will send my resume (together with a big carton containing my-office–attired-self) to your home and apply as an additional staff to your team :))
    …. I can imagine his horror upon opening the packages HAHAHAHAHA


    I had a dream last night
    I didn’t know which floor to get off on… Hey yeah

  61. How funny, when everyone’s sound asleep it would mostly be my opportunity to comment… :) hello from the other side of the world :D


    Think it smells like rainwater on the floor
    But, I don’t know coz I’m so gone
    Can’t even see tomorrow coming up…
    - senseless (one of my most fave songs)

  62. Rx, I don’t know if you can see that with friends like Bliss on this site, the LDS church doesn’t need enemies.

    Just on this thread, for example, a person who probably doesn’t have a clue about it, posts that a tweet about David being a priest led them to think he was leaving music. Several people calmly corrected that misconception, but Bliss snarls that they “came on here to spread lies.”

    FYI, the rules for the site are above right. Not only do they include respect for all and refraining from personal attacks, but they include “no topic is off limits…” (And someone claiming that “you disrespected David, therefore I can attack you” just doesn’t cut it).

    Since David’s religion has been his primary concern for at least the last 2 1/2 years, that topic will very likely continue to be discussed here by people who aren’t Mormon. I think it would behoove LDS people to kindly correct misconceptions, accept that it’s okay for people to discuss their own opinions about religion, accept that folk will sometimes be clueless, and not ally themselves with people who create a toxic atmosphere in the name of the Mormon church.

  63. I voted open for a major concert tour. I feel he has lots of material to perform and that would expose him to a larger audience who I smile sure would be surprised and impressed with his growth. Plus it would give his fans a chance to see him in multiple major cities and someone else would be bearing the brunt of the cost. Also David could do what he does best and loves to do, perform before a live audience.

  64. cc halo-You bring up a good point about the 2 1/2 years-That is a long time to expect fans to wait. Many of his younger fans in the US moved on and record executives don’t knock on anyone’s door. The music business is too competitive for that. Anyone that knows the music business knows that.These are David’s choices not the fans. The last folks that should be blamed are the fans. Are you kidding me? lol.

  65. cc halo – I would guess that some that post here now are younger fans who just post what they actually think. Nothing wrong with that. I know that I filter my comments-I don’t post half of what I think anymore and won’t. It is not worth it. lol. :)

  66. I totally respect your right to comment, but I would think you would want to reply to the person that made those statement, not glorify another fan just because he has chosen to be David and his religion’s champion. Another thing that puzzles me, you begging Hg to shut down the site (when the person you just glorified has been always in the mix bashing with the best of them and says it’s ok because other do it) and asking for new rules and start fresh, I think that’s being very disrespect to Hg, imo.

  67. I checked “none of the above” on the poll because i don’t think he should do anything without a strong business plan and team. Maybe he is working on the foundation and is not telling us because he thinks is would bore us, the business side of things vs the artistic. I don’t think he will ever sign with a major label after bad past experiences but I can hope LOL

  68. I don’t get it, the lady who is saying that she is working with david background vocal and she send a IG of studio pic yesturday when they had a Brazil soccer game, that is not a new IG pic I mean what the heck?? David had been in LA and dating around and hanging out with family and friends a lot lately but where does recording and writing fix in, david hadn’t done anything with music at all, if he was working on music I believe we would be getting a lot of tweets about it by now but we have not I am just tired not hearing with lack of music news by david. I am off.

  69. Good morning. I’m waiting in the airport for my flight on my way to a place I’ve never been so I’m exciited about that even though at times it gets old, it is part of my job, this traveling thing. And since I had some time I thought I would check out SD, of course and Oh My….

    This is in response to RX. I understand why you were so disturbed by my rant on the previous thread. To actually come right out and say I don’t care for another poster here was surprising even to me. I fell for the bait about me using different names & Bliiss knew I would respond. It just got to be too much when over & over again he calls some posters here “Mormon-haters”, a misnomer, which is why I explained MY position about religious institutions as a whole, not only the Mormon Church. This blog has always had open, honest, interesting, intelligent & fun dialog about whatever subject HG brilliantly writes about. Perhaps posters are not always in agreement but have always had civil debate. Then Bliss came in and suddenly it was no longer the same, IMO. The toxicity started when he started posting & trashing all who didn’t meet his criteria or approval. He basically took over at times & made it a battleground. If anyone can correct me about that, I’m sure they will. Actually, I expected a lot more and harsher backlash directed at me personally about what I wrote from a lot more commenters.

    I can understand why HG allows all the drama he creates. She believes, as I do, of a person’s right to freedom of expression. At least I think she does as I can’t speak for her. For you to suggest she close the comments in response to what I wrote is presumptuous of you or anyone who would suggesrt such a thing. I would sooner promise to never post here again than to have her feel she needs to close the comments. I seldom post anyway. But I do thoroughly enjoy reading SD.

    First time flying SW AIR. Have to get in line to board soon. lol! Have a great day!

  70. Have a safe trip and enjoy (even if it is for work LOL)

    I myself appreciated your post and your honesty in explaining where you are coming from. And believe me I understand the reaction to that person pushing buttons. I called him a name, for which I apologized, but still I never engage in that sort of thing. Yet he knew exactly how to push me (us) to the edge.

    I believe he takes a lot of time crafting his posts for just the purpose of getting us riled up. He then sits back and savors the reactions and responses. He is not here to “defend David” he is here to post inflammatory words, he uses tons of words guaranteed to cause a reaction. I am seeing through him more and more every day and he knows it, thus has been addressing me more and more.

    David would be appalled by this person’s posts of vitriol. How can one claim to adore, yes adore, a person of David’s standards then “defend” him by using such horrible ways of communication?

  71. I would love for David to do a collaboration with a major artist before releasing a solo single. It would help him get free promo plus his name associated to a great and/or popular singer would help him get new fans. I think it would make people curious and maybe they’ll be more eager to check his solo music. And if he is willing to release first a Spanish record, why not a duet as a first single with someone like Fonsi (who he already had the chance to meet) or even Enrique Iglesias.

  72. Anne, in response to this self serving , uninformed, and utterly false post of yours

    “I believe he takes a lot of time crafting his posts for just the purpose of getting us riled up. He then sits back and savors the reactions and responses. He is not here to “defend David” he is here to post inflammatory words, he uses tons of words guaranteed to cause a reaction. I am seeing through him more and more every day and he knows it, thus has been addressing me more and more.”

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not “take a lot of time to craft posts for the purpose of getting you riled up”. Then you fantasize that “I sit back and savor the reactions and responses”. Then you conclude with this nonsense, “I am seeing through him more and more…..”

    Here’s what I am seeing. I am seeing an angry, vindictive person who has become obsessed with me and my posts to the point that you “think” you know what I do, how I do it and what my motives are. In fact, you don’t know squat about me, and you reinforce that truth every time you post.

    Get over yourself. I care about David. I don’t care about getting a reaction from you. The reaction you have comes from within you. Take some responsibility for your own feelings, and while you’re at it, take some responsibility for how your speak about David on this site.

    Rx hit the nail on the head and no amount of distraction will change the truths that she posted.

  73. I think that David has been challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, I hope he does it. first of all would be so fun to watch, but most importantly a great cause and guess it’s already raised millions of dollars.

  74. Who’s twisting your arm to answer him? He can’t make you get riled up. It’s your decision.

  75. I remember reading or hearing that David’s goal one day was to take a finished song to a record label and let them see what he wanted to do, and if they liked it great and if not he would go somewhere else. Since he has written some music, since back from the mission, it is conceiveable that he will search out a label. Anyone else remember this, or am i hallucinating?! Wish i could remember when that goal surfaced.

  76. Speaking of wishing David would do a Broadway Musical, he could, if he wanted to, audition for a part in the Esteban’s musical about their life..no?

    Gloria Estefan Musical ‘On Your Feet!’ to Hit Broadway in Fall 2015

    The production, tracing the singer’s life with husband Emilio Estefan, launches an international casting call.

    The new musical circling around Gloria Estefan and husband Emilio Estefan is set to hit Broadway in fall 2015, it was announced Monday.

    Entitled On Your Feet!, the Nederlander Organization production based on the life and music of the seven-time Grammy-winning Latin pop sensation and the musician-producer-entrepreneur will open on Broadway on Nov. 5, 2015, with preview performances beginning Oct. 5, 2015 at the Marquis Theatre in New York City

    Prior to Broadway, the show will play a five-week world-premiere tryout engagement at the Chicago’s Oriental Theatre from June 2-July 5, 2015.

    The musical — following their journey from Cuba to Miami and super-stardom, as they generate a string of smash albums and international hit songs, including “Conga,” “1-2-3,” “Music of My Heart” and “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” — will be directed by two-time Tony winner Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots), and choreographed by Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys, Memphis) with a book by Alexander Dinelaris (The Bodyguard Musical).

    Produced by James L. Nederlander, Estefan Enterprises, Inc and Bernie Yuman, the show will feature new music penned by the Estefans in addition to Gloria’s hits.

    On Your Feet! is launching an international casting search effort, “Reach Gloria” (#ReachGloria), calling for auditionees for all roles to submit videos online. The production will also host open casting calls next month, at New York City’s Pearl Studios on Sept. 9 and at Miami’s Knight Concert Hall of Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts on Sept. 21.

    “Finding the right performers to tell our story on the Broadway stage is the most important step in this project,” said Gloria Estefan in a statement. “Our own journey together started in Miami, a city that has been such an inspiration to us both, and it only felt right that the city be a cornerstone of our search for the next generation of bright talent.”

    With an estimated 100 million albums sold worldwide, Gloria Estefan is among the most successful crossover artists in Latin music. In addition to working with his wife, Emilio Estefan has played a part in shaping the music careers of Shakira, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. His work has yielded more than 30 Grammy nominations and 19 wins.

    Along with business interests spanning music, film, television, hotels and restaurants, the Cuban-born couple also owns a stake in NFL franchise The Miami Dolphins.

    The Estefans’ longtime business associate Yuman will serve as executive producer on the project, which reportedly has been in the planning stage for more than a decade.


    Just a thought…

  77. I do remember him saying those words, in a vlog I think. Maybe that’s what he was doing in CA last week?? If, & that’s a big IF, he wants to sign with a label, that could be the only way for him to do so at this point in time. He knew it wasn’t gonna be easy.

  78. But you always know exactly what everyone else here is thinking and what their true motives are. Sorry, I need to go throw up again

  79. Yes I remember him saying something like that Carol. I hope he was doing just that, shopping his stuff to someone last week :)

  80. Oh thanks Carol. I do remember he had cousins or other relatives in Florida. Well he speaks Spanish, he is Latin, could he play the young Emilio in a project? Why not? :)

  81. David was part of Somos El Mundo video that was Emilio’s project. I’ve always thought in back of my mind that when David had Spanish music that maybe that would be the two (Emilio and Gloria) to help him launch his Spanish music, but him being in that Musical would be nice too.

  82. Not sure what the possibilities are with Estefan project but I do remember a piece that aired on Extra just after the taping of Somos El Mundo. It shows David and Emilio together toward the end. I think it would be cool, even if I know it’s a long shot lol.

  83. David was at his peak thus far at the time he made Somos El Mundo. Doing that video, he performed with some of the top & most popular Latino Artists in the world, all very popular in the Latino culture. David though, was not that well known within much of the Latino community at the time but the comments about the video showed he WAS noticed & there was A LOT of comments specifically about him. I think with his performance at the Alma Awards & Somos El Mundo video, his mgmt at that time missed the perfect time to catapult him as a crossover artist. Who knows? Look at what being a crossover artist has done for all those listed in the article? He can still do it if he wants to. It will just be harder now. IMO.

  84. Yes he can still do it if he wants to IMHO also. And now that he speaks fluent Spanish he could certainly promote on all the Spanish media etc. I think he could really hit it big in the Latin community, then cross over to the English speaking community LOL

  85. That Alma Awards performance was to die for…so mature, so suave at such a young age, I thought for sure he would have a block buster career as a Latino/English singer. Yes, my wish is for that to still happen, although my expectations are rock bottom right.

  86. Yes so much potential. He may actually be more comfortable with the Latin route now though, after spending two years fully submersed in that culture.

  87. Starshine- What a great thought. :) A part in that musical would be a good way for David to show case his talents on Broadway. I think that he should at least audition for it.

  88. Senseless-I have a busy work schedule too even though I don’t travel for my job. 12 hour work days but vacation is coming up soon for me. :)

  89. cq I think you mentioned this too. :) David has been challenged to the ice bucket challenge for ALS by Jim Cantiello. Come on David do it and post the video. For a great cause. He should let his sisters dump the bucket on him. lol. :)
    jim cantiello @jambajim · 9h
    #ALSIceBucketChallenge accepted & donated, @KrisAllen and my sister. [tags @jessegiddings @utopiatvusa @DavidArchie] http://instagram.com/p/r155KCGVOn/

  90. Allaboutdavidarchuleta- How do you get this information so fast about where David is traveling to or what he is doing? It is kind of impressive. lol. :)

  91. I think it was the One Voice Children’s Choir going to New York for America’s Got Talent. I don’t think David is with them, but IDK.

  92. I feel a little bad for saying this, but I’m a little frustrated with David right now, and I probably don’t have as much patience as I’d like to. ha.

  93. CQ, you say that your expectations for David are “rock bottom” and your buddy Anne, agrees with you and laments “yes, so much potential.” It sounds like you both have given up on him at the ripe old age of 23. What’s the saying from the Bible “Ye of little faith…”.

    Fortunately, David gets his inspiration from a more profound source. If he had to depend on people like the two of you for inspiration, he would have given up a long time ago.

  94. VJ, to eliminate your frustration, eliminate your expectations. Fans have no basis for any expectations. David is the artist. He shares what he creates with us, when he is ready to do so. He is not on any fan based time table. Live your life. David is living his. This site has many people who truly believe that they are entitled to “know” what is going on with David’s life and career, and when they don’t get what they think they are entitled to get they are “disappointed” and blame David for their low expectations. They repeat it so often, it starts to take on an aura of credibility that it doesn’t have in the real world.

  95. If you’re going to hang with mostly women on a fan site, you should learn to talk about your own feelings without trying to tell other people how they should feel or express themselves.

  96. Candy, you’ve been “munching popcorn”, pretending to be “above it all”, for many months. I hope it’s the air popped variety, and without butter.

  97. I wonder why david hasn’t tweeted today, busy dating, hanging out with family and friends and singing in churches,it shame there was still no any tweets of him in the studio, yes it is kinda of disappointed. Nite guys

  98. bliss~ Hi. I’ve heard “eliminate your expectations” and “live your life” quite a bit recently, and I agree those things can help. Living life…no problem there. But eliminating expectations…depending on what the expectation is, that may or may not ever happen. I’ve let go of the expectation that he’ll be a megastar with a major label, or that he’ll keep us in the loop about a lot of things. But I don’t think it’s entitlement to expect a teensy bit of communication as to whether he’s resuming his career or flipping burgers. lol.

  99. CCHalo, it does appear that the “mostly women” on this site have not the slightest difficulty expressing themselves about a host of issues, including how they feel about me. I plan on being just like them and will be expressing my feelings in the same uncensored way.

    My only wish is that when someone cannot help but post how disappointed and/or frustrated they are with David, they stop and take into account that David might be hurt by those statements, and refrain from doing so. Unfortunately, like so many here with their low expectations of David, I have the same low expectations that David’s feelings will prevail over those who feel that the “right to post any damn thing I want about David” is some sort of high calling.

  100. I think Fans are already really upset at david been lacking of new music for couple of months and if I don’t hear any new music tweets from david soon I am done being a fan of him but if we still don’t any music news soon I think david maybe doesn’t want to do solo music just to do more church related and other things, so be it.

  101. So basically, Candy, Marie et al will post an LOL to any post that mocks me in any way. These are grown adults folks, some with children older than David. This behavior shown be studied at the University level, and David should be kept far away from it.

    Rx, I hope your plea to HG is heard by her before things deteriorate any further.

  102. VJ-”But I don’t think it’s entitlement to expect a teensy bit of communication as to whether he’s resuming his career or flipping burgers. lol.” Exactly- could not agree with you more . David’s music career is on David and his team (is there even one? I am not so sure which is always been part of the problem) not the fans. I don’t know why some folks here have gotten upset in the past when it has been mentioned that David is going to have a “local” career as that it what it appears to be to me. These are David’s choices and his career not the fans. I just think it is more than fair if he communicates with the fans what he is doing with is music career -not his personal or spiritual like-his music career. I also do not mean another vlog-I just don’t like the vlogs and there are not done by other music artists.

  103. On the subject of v-logs. I know lots of fans like them and some think it’s not necessary. I was wondering how that got started with David. I think maybe now that he is older he may choose to forego them or recuce the number given, say like to special holidays. Marie I think more music news is important and I would be ok if he gave up v-logs. I dont mind the personal and spiritual things as long as there is balance.

  104. It really doesn’t have to be a vlog, just small tidbits like this example would keep the excitement going:

    @biancamerkley Yes :) Today was backing vocals for @davidarchie. I will be recording some new solo stuff soon though! I am also finishing a duo project called Gusto that I’m
    excited about. Lots of stuff in the works :)

    Carol, I agree a balance.

  105. Marie, you say, “I don’t know why some folks here have gotten upset in the past when it has been mentioned that David is going to have a “local” career as that it what it appears to be to me.”

    The notion that David is going to have just a “local” career was posted here by Peter many months ago and has been repeated by others since, including today, by you. Because there are no facts to back up that claim, and because David has never had just a local career, there must be another reason to post and re post that assumption.

    IMO, the reason to post it is the same reason that some people like to criticize his faith, his management, his motivation, his clothing, his hair, his this and his that. Some people are angry with David, but they would never admit it. They feel that David has betrayed them, deserted them, and made them look like a fool for continuing to wait for him to “do something”. Instead of publicly admitting it, they try to deflate David, minimize him, trivialize him, and yes, blame him for what he is “doing to them “. They say things like “he had so much potential, so much promise, etc. and talk about his talent and career in the past tense. I see it here all the time.

    Dan Clark invited David to join him on his tour because David is an internationally known and beloved singer, not because he sings at ribbon cutting ceremonies in Provo.

    Saying that David “only wants a local career” or, worse yet, can only have a “local career” is an insult to David. David is a musical genius of the highest quality. Saying that David Archuleta will only have a local career is like saying that Picasso, in his day, will only draw pictures on napkins. It’s an absurdity.

  106. That ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has me intrigued. I wonder how David would even know he was challenged if he doesn’t read all his tweets. Did anyone see that Charlie Sheen didn’t do ice? He did 10K? Whoever thought up this fund raising campaign is brilliant.

  107. I hope so. Would love to see David do it and would love to hear who he would then challenge. Hmmmm, he should challenge his beautiful mother and aunties LOL

  108. What Bliss really meant to say –

    Marie, you say, “I don’t know why some folks here have gotten upset in the past when it has been mentioned that David is going to have a “local” career as that it what it appears to be to me.”

    I dasagree with your statement because,

    Dan Clark invited David to join him on his tour because David is an internationally known and beloved singer, not because he sings at ribbon cutting ceremonies in Provo.

  109. David ArchuletaVerified account
    “The past is to be learned from but not lived in.”

    David is internationally known because of AI, his first album and career before his mission. He continues to be on the radar for many people, but especially for Mormons like Dan Clark. His future career could go any direction, but keeping it smaller or local, is always a possibility, mostly depending on his own desires.

  110. What Bliss should’ve said –

    I disagree with your statement because, IN MY OPINION Dan Clark invited David to join him on his tour because David is an internationally known and beloved singer, not because he sings at ribbon cutting ceremonies in Provo.

    But Bliss always knows what David is thinking so he must know what Dan Clark was thinking as well

  111. I don’t think david is doing the ice bucket thing, I think he would have tweet if he wanted to do it, maybe he isn’t up to it. What david had tweeted today, it could mean anything. I hope he is still thinking coming back to the studio soon.

  112. Hmmm, I reread my challenge comment and it reads sort of sarcastic and it truly was not meant that way at all. I think his Mom and aunties are gorgeous and it would be fun to watch them take the challenge.

  113. “…David is a musical genius of the highest quality.” David Archuleta having a local career is like “Picasso, in his day, only draw[ing] pictures on napkins.”

    That’s really a great analogy. Sigh, if you could use your skills for good instead of using them to insult others–think how much more David-like that would be.

  114. I think that that’s a good question, but I don’t think we know the truth.

    Re: ice bucket challenge. I think it’s a great and effective way to raise funds for ALS, and it’s been a big trend in my circles–my daughter and friends of mine–but I could see that it could also be seen as celebrities doing it as self-promotion–and we know that David doesn’t really go in for that.

  115. Whadd, thanks for taking time out from your hectic throwing up schedule to comment on my post. On the other hand, I really don’t need you to tell me “what I should have said”. I said what I said. If you have something to say about it, feel free to do so. I welcome all commentary, pro or con, to anything I post.

  116. Bliss, you say, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

    Heed your own advice and stop trying to tell people what they can and cannot say and think

  117. What bliss meant to say -

    Whadd, thanks for taking time out from your hectic schedule to comment on my post.

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