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  1. I wonder if david was at JT concert tonight, everyone want to know? Maybe he was there but didn’t wanted to tweet about it , the same thing he did with Sara brallas concert, maybe some concerts he goes to, want to keep it down low, we all can understand that.

  2. I think david is in CA for a reason, I don’t think it has nothing to do with music because I think he want remain some private times while he there because he is not tweeting as much visiting in CA but just hanging out there and having fun with family and friends and maybe a girl he knows that live there too. Alright Nite guys

  3. So it appears that David did not go to the JT concert and is on his way back to Utah. :( Maybe he did just go to CA to meet up with friends and family. Have to be honest -I just don’t get what he is or is not doing with his career at this point. Now I wonder if that tweet he sent on needing a team for success had anything to do with his music career. Off to work.

  4. Really great tribute from Jimmy Fallon to Robin Williams on his show last night. Thought I would post it. :)

  5. opps the right video from Jimmy Fallon last night did not post. Still think that you can look it up on the the playlist. :)

  6. Here goes Allaboutdavidarchuleta again… Pressuming again that david is taking his alleged girlfriend out. I always find myself trying my best to just ignore the ‘gossip’ or your ever present ‘girlfirend’ idea… But, I can’t handle it anymore.

    If david has a girlfriend (which I highly doubt as of now, because he said it so in his ‘called to serve’ interview) good for him… But please, don’t always relate every picture with this imaginary girlfriend. I’m sorry if I’m arguing with you… But, I just can’t take this “ugh-here-she-goes-again-comment” feeling anymore.

    Okay.,, i’ll stop. I don’t like online fighting. I just had to burst that out.

  7. We all not fighting here, but I heard lot of a fans that he Does have a one so idk know it was not coming from me so who knows he may or may not have one anyway yep david is back in Utah, maybe he will go back to the studio again with more new music idk he maybe not, we don’t know what he wants anymore because he hadn’t gone back again with music to record and writing since July make me wonder if he is thinking of quitting?

  8. Don’t worry… He will be back I can promise you that. He twitted he’s doing music, he answered he’s writing songs, we’ve seen the ‘costa rica’ shooting thing, we’ve heard the instagram spanish song.

    If he didn’t… Well, I’ll fly to Utah… Knock on his door and ask him personally ‘WHY? You said to wait, we did… Why?….” LOL :D

  9. Lol, I truly believe that David has worked on music since he returned from the military tour and continues to work on music. Just because we are not getting any tweets regarding him working, really don’t mean he isn’t working. In a way I think he wants to keep that part of his life more private then his personal life, lol.

    Oh well, no JT concert for David. Heck could be a number of things why he didn’t go, unable to get tickets, doesn’t like JT, or it could be as simple as it didn’t fit his schedule. I’m wondering if he even had a chance to meet up with Kari, who knows, maybe scheduling conflict prevented that from happening too.

    I was a bit optimist about the needing a team to be successful tweet, but realistically, it probably has nothing to do with his music career.

    Glad that he seemed to have a nice time in LA, I guess back home for David.

  10. “In a way I think he wants to keep that part of his life more private then his personal life, lol.”

    Lol. Good one Cq.
    But sorry to say the funny award sure went to hipster D today. ;-)

  11. I don’t think that David not going to the JT concert means he’s not serious about his career. Sure, it would have been fun to see a pic of him there but it would really have no impact on his music career for a whole. He was in California for 5 days. We know a few of the things he did there but not everything.

    Love his sense of humor and the tweet was funny. And that makes two pics in two days that he’s shared. I see him making a point to keep fans involved even though he’s not ready to release any concrete career-related information right now. The pic he posted Monday has over 8k likes on Instagram (one of the highest numbers) and almost 40k likes on FB. It may not be as good as putting out new music but it is engagement and I’d rather he took his time to deliver a quality product with hopefully a quality team to back it. Of course, all I can do is hope that the long wait will lead to that. But I am hopeful :)

  12. I can’t for the life of me figure out the obsession with hoping David went to this or that concert.

  13. So, David was in CA for 5 days, we have 5-6 tweets, pics, notices of what he was doing…for all of maybe 5 hours (big guess). What do you think he was doing the other 115 hours? Okay, let’s say he slept each night. That still leaves 75 hours of stuff he was doing that we know nothing about. Could he have met with his team? Could he have been in the studio? Could he have been writing? Could he have been working with someone? Sheesh! Poor guy has to report every single work-related thing or we think he is idle.

  14. HG, you left out the best parts:


  15. Marlie7, correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t David tweet something yesterday about building a team? As i read that I believe he was hinting that he was in fact working on building a team.

    IMO I don’t think he has to report every work related thing . I am just happy to know he is in Ca. visiting or team -building or concert- going and am grateful to know that much!! I wish that people had more trust in him and what he has promised. He never promised a time table, just that he would write pop and Spanish music and revive his career after careful planning .

    Love his sense of humor!! He really is engaging!!!

  16. **Sigh**

    Seems the posters here can never say anything right where David is concerned. Whatever.

    I’ll just say what I want cuz it’s a free country with freedom of speech last time I checked. ;-)

    So it looks like perhaps the main reason David went to CA may have been to welcome home a RM friend who he became close to while in Chile and he added some concerts and Mall hopping in the mix. Not sure what he meant by his “Team” tweet, but he sure does need a great team and it’s good he realizes he can’t “do it alone” if he was referring to his career. The last part of that tweet though,
    “letting people into your life the way you try to be there for them”, can be about something else entirely. Or “someone” specifically.

    Another observation, he wasn’t “freaked out” this time by the “all about me” vibe in LA since he was out & about, meeting people & taking pictures. So that’s a good thing.

    How long has David been home now? Going on 6 months? Wonder what the next six months will bring? Something good & worth waiting for I hope!

  17. I doubt david was working, if he did, he would tweeted about it. I think he was visiting with friends and family and That built a team tweet, some fans says he was taking about robin Williams death, it sound like helping out with someone if they are on in deep trouble? I think david might called it quits with music because he just stopped making music all the sudden after the troops trip,just my thinking? Maybe david is just not happy anymore with singing but means who knows.

  18. Another tweet by david , I think it had to do with robin williams and I think he meant like if someone in trouble u help then out and get a team together help that someone to get back in track, thoses tweets had nothing to do with david and music at all , He prolly have been reading about robin death?

  19. Why is offering a different opinion or different perspective considered as saying that other posters never say anything right? Or am I confused by what you were referring to here?

    The way I see, there are some people who consistently see things a certain way. And there are other people who consistently see it in a different certain way. If people talk about their perspectives, then each person gets a glimpse into how someone else sees it.

  20. How you got that David was referring to Robin Williams in the tweets is beyond me?

    I think if David wanted to say anything about Robin, he would have & would have been clear about it.

  21. Ali, I think different view points our great, but calling fans obsessive, old women that want to regain their youth, fans here that pollute the site, Mormon haters are just a few things that come to mind as to why it seems at times like we can never say anything right as far as David is concern

  22. Now there’s an interesting interpretation of that tweet, imo, don’t think so. I do believe that if David wanted to say anything in regards to that tragedy, he would mention his name.

  23. cq – I very much agree that the name-calling and finger-pointing posts are unnecessary and detrimental to the entire site. I was just confused that anything said above in this post was discouraging others from sharing their opinions. I do wish that we could all be more open-minded about others personal perspectives. While I tend to lean more toward one type of perspective when it comes to David (lol no one is surprised by that) I like to read how those who see things differently feel about it. It helps me to ground myself as well but I’m hoping in the end it helps us all to balance each other out.

    Starshine – I’m with you that David did seem much more comfortable in LA. I mean, he stayed 5 days — that’s the first clue! That he was out and about some is nice too. I think that first trip to LA was just a case of too much, too soon. He was barely even home and definitely not acclimated back to non-mission life at all.

  24. I agree with your sentiments Ali. As far as someone name- calling as cq asserts, that has happened but not on this thread today. IMO i see no justification for name calling or inflammatory rhetoric from any one on any side of any issue.

  25. Ali, I see your point about David first visit to LA, too much too soon, is a good way of seeing that first trip.
    This last trip did seem like he really was enjoying himself, and yes, he did stay five days, lol.

  26. Why knock folks for thinking it would be nice for David to go to the JT concert when everyone knows that Kari is touring with JT and it would be a great concert to go to? He did go to other concerts in CA. I don’t know where David’s career is headed or if he did anything at all career related in CA. I just can’ t believe anyone else here does either. It is all just pure speculation IMO on everyone’s part. cq is spot on about some judgmental comments that have been posted here regarding others. Big difference between giving your opinions on something and being critical and judgmental to others comments. I see no connection between that tweet David sent and Robin Williams or anything else really. Might just be a random quote. :) Watching SYTYCD tonite. Dancing to MJ’s songs tonight. :)

  27. Carol this thread has been great, except, for comment @2:23 and 2:34 give me the feeling that talking about David going to JT concert was concerned obsessive.

  28. Omg Marie, SYTYCD is going to be awesome tonight, can’t wait!! Dancing to MJ music, great combo!!!

  29. I think it is great that David seemed to enjoy CA this time. That is a step in the right direction as I did not really get all his initial frustration with LA when he returned from his mission. I just didn’t . I have relatives that live in southern CA and they love it. I just wish he would relocate to LA,Nashville or NYC to be closer to the music/entertainment business. Just being honest. :)

  30. Technically, “obsession” was in today’s thread. But pretty mild by the usual standards. As Ali has stated before, there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion, it just helps to take care how you say it ;) .

  31. Marie, 6:58, nice tribute by Jimmy Fallon. I heard it discussed on the morning news shows but I’m just getting around to seeing it.

    Non David news, Syesha was replaced on broadway in her Book of Mormon role. hmm….

    In idol news, “Caleb Johnson Testify debut album set for the lowest debut of any American Idol winner. HIts predicts sales of 9-11K copies its first week.”


  32. Idk about the robin thing?but It david says building a team, it means PR, band and record label all one team, could be, just my guess???? I don’t think kari works for david anymore.

  33. desertrat- Very interesting that Syesha was replaced in that musical. Wonder why? I was never a big Syesha fan to be honest. Wow-low sales for Caleb. Had not read any of that yet.

  34. I remind myself that David is a lot like a typical 23-year old, just with the addition of fame, fortune (?) and an amazing gift. We fans got so swept up in the music and fame vortex with him, and then hyped up on his return from the mission–with countdowns, trending, polls, etc. that it’s now really tough to let go and think that it might be normal if he’s not doing much at all about his career. My kids both quit their jobs and spent the summer traveling to be with their friends, before school starts. They don’t even feel guilty about it, lol.

    It’s funny that David talked about not being lazy in his vlog, when no one seemed to be aware that that had even been an accusation, but I guess that it was. I can WISH that he would tour with the songs he already has, release new music, do acting/modeling in Asia etc.–anything career-related, but I’m okay with him just keeping in touch, like I’m okay with my kids having the luxury of a real summer break.

  35. cq i think it is being overly sensitive to take what Rx said as rising to same level as what other’s have experienced with real name calling and personal attacks such as “mormon haters” etc. If we truly want to permit differences of opinion then Rx may opine that the number of times JT concert was brought up seemed obsessive. His opinion, not mine. Many people over several days have discussed the concert and their hopes David attend. I don’t know how to quantify obsessive in this instance, but it apparently seemed to be “obsessive” to two others.

    I agree with cc that taking care how things are said would be good, if not ideal.

  36. Ok Carol, I understand, I felt it was out of line, but I respect your right to think it was just an opinion and not a criticism.

  37. Yikes on that album sales prediction. And they thought last year’s winner had low sales at 19K.

  38. Cchalo, I think that he was getting a lot of tweets about when he was returning to his music career and perhaps that’s why the ‘I’m not being lazy’ comment. Actually, to me, David is the farthest person from being lazy than anyone can get, lol. The man doesn’t stop.
    lol, anything career related, yep. I’m thinking that David must have a plan for his career in the near further and I’m, of course, only speculating, otherwise, if nothing was even thought to be in the works and he was just writing and recording, but was not planning to release anything in the near future, wouldn’t he let his fans know not to expect anything for a long while. I just feel the kind of person David is, that he would. AND, of course, he doesn’t have to do anything really, but he is so sensitive to others feelings that’s why I say this.

  39. Well fans aren’t gonna wait more time for david to returned music in the future. I just think david got lot of things on his mind what he want to do with music related, stay or quit??!!! Maybe david just want to be a normal guy want regular people is doing in life, not in music business world, just my speculating with all this????

  40. If David reads his fan sites that would be as creepy as celebrities reading all about themselves in People Magazine–and he’s not creepy.

    From Snow Angelz: ” I doubt David goes near fansites with a 10-foot-pole but if he does … STOP READING NOW AND NEVER COME BACK! We need to hear what you have to say — in music obviously, on Twitter, in vlogs, Instagram, whatever you like — yes, it is part of your “job” … but, trust me, you do not need to hear what we have to say. Even this post. It’s a test. Avert your eyes.”

  41. You missed my point, I think. I was saying he had so much time we didn’t know about that why would people think he WASN’T busy doing career work.

  42. I think that is good to discuss other topics in the music/entertainment business besides David as right now he is not doing that much with his career. Actually he has not for awhile really. I am OK with that as it is his career and life not mine. That is why I have always liked Soul David. HG does do very interesting posts on other topics and issues that are usually related to the music/entertainment business that David is a part of-I think. I would rather discuss a JT concert than some other random not interesting David topic. I enjoy other artists and some of the talent reality shows and still like to comment on that. Off to work. lol. :)

  43. I don’t think it’s creepy wanting to see what people are saying about you. It’d be pretty normal actually. Probably not good for his mental health, but normal to be curious nonetheless.

  44. Robin Williams daughter has quit social media because of the bullying she got online.. maybe those who are so critical should look to themselves instead of attacking others.
    or in the least look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

  45. Kimak, i just saw that on the news. My heart goes out to her in her time of grief. She apologized for taking a break and possibly may not return. I hope she stays away from social media and finds consolation in real face to face interactions to cope with the tragedy of her father’s death.

  46. Kimak, tragic, I was listening to the news and the things weren’t your run of the mill criticism. Things like you should get cancer because your father committed suicide, horrible things.

    I just hope you don’t think that any fans here has brought that kind of horrible words toward David, I don’t believe that Hg would still allow that kind of unforgivable bullying.

  47. Shanny, that lazy might of well be used here, but if that’s the reason that David said what he said, that power of a fan or even a handful of fans is huge. I still believe that it was done because of tweets regarding him not returning right away to his music career after the mission. He was pissed and he used a word that best described what he want to get across. Just like he might of used the word depressed in the past, not that he was clinically depressed, just that it was the best word used to describe what he wanted to get across.

  48. its statement like this that get to me untrue,(david right now he is not doing that much with his career) how do you know this , explain what you mean by that statement pleas

  49. Cq, I was just clarifying a fact – that David has been called lazy by people on this site. I wasn’t trying to convince anyone that he used the word lazy in response to what he read here. I have my own thoughts on the matter but I don’t see any benefit in pushing my point of view. To each his own.

    I’m of the opinion that we all should be considerate and respectful of David in our words, regardless of whether he will read them or not. Just seems the decent thing to do in my opinion. Therefore, if peeps think David reads here or not, is a moot point to me.

  50. Sorry I did think you were referring to his vlog in the using the word lazy because you brought up about lazy being mentioned in this site after cchalo commented on that regards.

  51. I think David reads what his fans says about him (most probably tweets and comments in FB and instagram)… Look at his tweet “Am I hipster enough now?”. I was like, woah… He is actually aware of the “hipster” idea and the word itself. Then I remembered… We (fans in general) have been talking about David’s style of clothes and some of us considered it as HIPSTER-ish. You know, the high socks, shorts and all buttoned up attire. I theoretically (yes, I’m on the scientific vibe LOL) formulated that David did not know that his clothing of choice was odd or radical (in other words hipster) until he read the ‘oooh hipster david’ and such comments.

    Based on the observations on the said case, I therefore conclude (I’M SO SORRY! I just can’t help it haha) that David cares… Somehow, be it just 1% or 99%, he reads what people (fans in particular) comment about him. I can recall how Jason said in his blog how he was learning from David being cautious/calculated with one’s actions/moves. Even before (prior mission) I saw that David really does consider everything people say about him (no filter: positive, negative, everything)… I guess this added to the factor of his unhappiness with his previous career. Now, he has learned to ignore majority of it… But of course, you can’t absolutely ignore everything especially if you’re a celebrity because it’s also a little basis for what is the most beneficial decision. So there…

    What I’m trying to say (out of this blabbering haha) that David’s not stopping or idling. Yes, he has been silent, minimal with his posts and words… Because David has a plan. Maybe he wants to surprise everyone with an explosive comeback, or maybe he just became like that. A man of chosen words, and has outgrown his teenage attitude on social sites.


    To those getting freaked out by this… Yes I just made that critical assessment of David outsourced from previous blogs and tweets. It’s a good exercise for the mind you know… LOL. Heck, some of his fans can even make a thesis out of David or anything about him :D

    #forevermore #yesDavidyouarehipsterenough #idon’tevenknowwhyI’mdoingthishashtag

  52. Interesting, thank you for your prospective. But, imo, David’s unhappiness might of be brought on buy his personal feelings and buy how he felt his career was being handled.

    My opinions is if indeed David is swayed buy what some fans say in which it effects his state of mind and bases life discussion on that alone, then, I say that a career in the entertainment industry is not for him.

    I don’t know if does or doesn’t read all that is said on his sites, but if he thinks as it’s part of his professional life, I would think that he would want to know what HIS customers are thinking regarding his career. The unfortunate thing here is that his personal life is intertwined with his professional life and it’s, imo, due to all the communication media and he alos has chosen to not separate the two. Very complicated.

  53. I sincerely doubt that fans introduced David to the concept of hipster. Hipsters were around years before he left on his mission lol. To me that tweet was just as much a bit of David poking some fun at himself as anything. That’s why I liked it — light, fun humor.

  54. I think you made some excellent points cq. Unfortunately social media can be extremely cruel and anyone in the public eye seems to be fair game, fair or unfair. Do we critique David here? Yes we critique his career and choices for that. He is a public figure. What happened to Robin Williams’ daughter is horrible. Those comments are beneath anyone’s definition of decency IMHO and I have never seen anything so cruel posted here.

    As to the overlapping of David’s career and personal life, yes he is choosing to blur the two at this point and I have no idea why.

  55. I think the blurring of personal and professional life is not unique to David. It is where social media has taken not only the music industry but the entire entertainment industry. Celebs are expected to have a twitter and an instagram (and whatever else new that comes along) and to share little pieces of their day or week with their followers. There are a few artists that have held out on this but by and large most are on social media and they’re not just posting concert dates and photos of their latest album. Because fans want more than that now. Some celebs are more comfortable than others sharing. And some overshare to an uncomfortable degree (and I’m not talking about David here lol).

    It’s the shape of the world today. I do wonder if at a certain point all the expected sharing will backfire and celebs will drop back more. I know of a few that have voluntarily taken themselves out of the sphere but most have come back. One example is John Mayer. He had quite a large following on twitter but then said he found himself composing tweets in his head rather than songs so he deleted his account. He started one again a few years later but he’s not regained nearly as large a following as he had before. Some interesting things to ponder about how much of an artist’s life should be part of their public image.

  56. I was thinking that because David tried to please everyone before, he listened to eveyone. Because of this, he was hearing all things including issues and negative banters…. Which just made him feel bad. Now that he has learned that he can do things according to his plans with freedom (and that he can ignore the negativity), he is feeling better and surer of himself that his true identity as an artist won’t be forsaken this time.

    I’m just glad that David’s actually (like really) reading his fan’s tweets and comments. At least there’s a subtle proof that David hasn’t abandoned the ship (contrary to what other downed fans are feeling as of now).

    Yes, it’s indeed very difficult when personal space is inevitebly invaded by career. Especially that trolls exist, and rude people are as free as everyone else to say their comment.

  57. Great points you brought up Ali and yes, not just David, it really is complicated for all public figures.

  58. I’m not saying that David has zero clue as to what a hipster is… But why would it ever come across his mind made me think, “probably, he saw the ‘hipster’ comments” and is now making a funny throw back to the commenters

    Actually my entire comment is on the positive side… It only meant he is reading comments (which is basically, reading our tweets… Although I don’t tweet him). And that, David not replying to us doesn’t mean he’s ignoring us… That he ‘cares’

  59. Anne, I of course, would like for his personal life to be in the background and his music career be the focus. Oh by no mean by saying focus as far as public media goes, does it mean that he should make his main focus his career….it ALWAYS should be his family first.

  60. Oh and some more… I just thought David did not know he has appeared ‘hipster’ himself. Of course he knows what hipster is. I was just surprised he can actually think about it and apply it to himself.

    The hipsters are probably chocking now, we kept on mentioning them LOL

  61. Anne you say this:. “Unfortunately social media can be extremely cruel and anyone in the public eye seems to be fair game, fair or unfair”.

    When it comes to David, if your’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. David is not “fair game” He is a human being, and a good one, and deserves to be spoken about in a manner that reflects the quality person that he is. One cannot hide behind the banner of “free speech” to justify continuously belittling or criticizing him or his choices in life, just because “you can “.

    It appears that David does read what is written about him online. That may be why he has become somewhat distant since he came back from Chile. He’s a tough young man, but he’s not “that tough”.

  62. Agree, Ali. But David on the one hand seems to say “leave my career alone, it is for me to know and you to find out in good time” but is more free in sharing his private times. If I remember correctly, the sharing of the private was what caused problems in the past and I am just sort of surprised he is so willing to share it now.

    Maybe he agrees that keeping the fans engaged is important in this day and age and is willing to share to that extent. Without a publicist, social media is really the only way to engage the fans at this point.

  63. Excellent points.

    But my questions would include: How does one define undue criticism? Would that include ANYTHING less than glowing? Is frank online discussion of politics (yes, HG has introduced political topics here), religion, career choices, wardrobe choices (lol), etc. acceptable? And most importantly, what is the best way to react when one person defines something as out of line and others do not?

    We’ve had a lot of discussion in the past about what David reads online. We’re sure that he reads tweets, FB comments, Instagram comments, his official site–probably not everything–but a lot. And there’s so much out there, reading it would keep him really busy. I maintain that it’s extremely unlikely that he would read fan sites about himself, but others think he might. I think that if you look at the enormous daily output on fan sites, he’d have to devote a heck of a lot of time to it, if he did want to read it.

  64. Bliss, although I agree that things can be carried too far, I’m sorry David, by choosing a career in the public eye, is fair game. By posting here I am fair game for responses I may not like. It’s part of the deal. Crazies will post crazy things and unless they are threatening or libelous, that’s the way it is. I remember way back, David went to the temple with his family and friends on a personal visit. The President found out he was there and invited David to his office. David was not in a suit but met with the President. This was reported in the LDS newspaper. Comments ripped David for not wearing a suit to meet the President Monson. David is fair game, yes indeed, even though in this case David did nothing wrong as it was a spur of the moment meeting David did not expect.

    I am not saying free speech entitles me to commit an actual crime like libel, yell “fire” in a public theatre, etc., but it does entitle me to post personal thought out opinions on things I read on public rums which includes instagram, twitter etc unless the user makes them private. IMHO

  65. How in the heck did “forums” become “rums”?????????? Maybe I need a drink LOLOL

  66. I agree with you Anne. I seems to me that David is still feeling his way as to what he wants to share and what he doesn’t. I think this is kind of a flux period and especially as he works toward getting his career geared up again. I do wonder how much or little will be communicated about his career in the future, once things are (hopefully) more established again. As for the personal, my only guess there is that he might feel sharing more of that now will keep fans from looking elsewhere for the more private things? Lol not sure if that’s a good theory or not though.

  67. True, crazies will post crazy things on any of the forums. I recently saw an obscene offer to David on twitter right after he posted, and someone complained and pointed ^^^ and it was removed right away. I imagine that he was the one that removed it, so he knows that people have all kinds of issues. If you want to have a public career, you can’t withdraw just because there are wild and crazy people weighing in.

    I also expect that he’s got a lot of tolerance for rough and tumble interaction with fans. His siblings have been known for all kinds of inappropriate stuff, and yet he seems to regard those relationships among the most important things in his life.

  68. It could always be that there’s not that much professional stuff to share. It wouldn’t be a crime it there wasn’t. I’m open to any explanation.

  69. This is off topic of what we’re currently discussing and David specifically but I just read an article linked over at MJ’s that had some interesting info about tour scheduling. It’s an interview with Tony Lucca, who was on the The Voice a few season’s ago and then signed (and subsequently, dropped) from Adam Levine’s record label.

    “Tony: What I do know is, routing tours that are worth a damn in late July and Aug. for mid-size venues are hard to come by. It’s a tough time to bring people out. If you don’t do terribly well in certain markets, to get a proper night at a good venue in Seattle … without a history of selling out mid-size venues, you’re not going to get one.

    Interviewer: Is it different in the fall/winter?
    Tony: Oh yeah. Strangely enough right up until the holidays is prime time for touring. Mid-Jan. to late March is another great time. And then May/June can be good too.”

    So I’m guessing that unless you’re playing huge venues, summer can be a difficult time to tour? He goes on to talk a bit more about no longer being with his record label and using Kickstarter to fund projects. http://www.examiner.com/article/exclusive-interview-with-tony-lucca

  70. Very interesting thank you Ali.

    I think David has a history of selling out venues, would that still help him right now, if indeed he might be planning to tour?

  71. It would depend on the market. The MKOC tour was not all sold out but some shows were. There were also shows that had quite a few seats left. I think almost all of his VIPs sold out though which is good for him since he makes more money on those.

    The keys to touring seem to be timing, location and appropriate venue size. For instance, he can play (and fill) a much larger venue in SLC than in Westbury, NY. The fact that David has name recognition is helpful but they would still depend on the venue to get good publicity out to announce the show. While he’s not as big of a “name” attraction as he was 5 years ago, many people still recognize him. A successful tour in appropriate-sized venues is not unachievable. He might also consider options for performing where he doesn’t bear the cost of a full tour himself — i.e. playing fairs and festivals. Many artists, large and small, do this.

  72. After so long, I would think David would sell out, of course as Ali said depending on location and size of venue. He is a major celebrity in Utah so I would think he could sell out the larger venues there. I have a hunch the faithful would still follow him from venue to venue in certain regions, as they have done before. And I further think some would travel quite a distance to see him again.

    David would be smart to offer special VIP’s again as I do think they would easily sell out and he could basically name his price if the VIP included meet and greet and photo as that is what David’s fans seem to love. He probably could make enough money just with that to fund the cost of the tour then the rest of the revenue from tickets and merchandise would be profit. His absence would make the VIP’s even more attractive than before I think.

    I read somewhere that not all of David’s solo and headlining tours made money. I did hear he made money touring with Demi, McFly etc. Wish I could remember where I read all that tour money stuff so I could go back and try to find it.

  73. Anne, you say this:”Bliss, although I agree that things can be carried too far, I’m sorry David, by choosing a career in the public eye, is fair game. By posting here I am fair game for responses I may not like. It’s part of the deal”.

    Really, C’mon now. Whenever I post anything that in any way implies that a fan or set of fans are inappropriate or unkind to David, I get surrounded like I’m in a wagon train in an old time Western, looking for Hopalong Cassidy to save me. No one reacts to my posts as if that poster is “fair game” on this site. It’s more like, “how dare you talk to me like that”. People do think, however, that David is “fair game” and they can say whatever they want about him. It’s an unfair double standard, imo.

    I think a good rule of thumb might be to only post the type of comments about David that you would be comfortable reading about your own children or any other person you are fond of. David is a person we care about. Don’t you think he should treated accordingly?

  74. Yes, SLC, I’m sure he would have no problem, getting a venue and being able to sell out or at least have high sales numbers.

    Anne, good point you brought up about VIP’s. Those were always the first to sell out.
    I don’t mean beat a dead horse, but hope that he does have a big enough career to have a show that he would be able would tour all over, especially close enough for me to attend. I live across from my towns community center that has a lovely theatre and some known stars have performed there…in case your reading this David, it’s in Campbell, California, lol.

  75. Ali, I agree. I’m sure his sisters and friends know about hipsters. It’s a fad that is popular especially among young people who live in cities. I don’t believe he responded to a tweet. I think he was just being funny.

  76. kimak, That sounds pretty good. No bad seats. But could David make a profit playing at that size venue after paying travelling expenses for him and his band?

    Ali, thanks for that info. Interesting. And in your comment you said: “The fact that David has name recognition is helpful but they would still depend on the venue to get good publicity out to announce the show.”

    It’s the venue that’s responsible for publicity for the event , not the artist? Is the venue responsible for arranging radio station interviews while he’s there for the event also? I always thought it was David’s management that arranged those things.

    I hope you see this question and answer. I’m definitely curious about it.

  77. Honestly I don’t think David needs to be treated as fragile in any way and I’m not sure he thinks he needs to be defended by fans either. If he wants to be public, I believe he certainly understands the downside such as posts and replies that are not always the kindest. Why do you insist that David is this angelic fragile being that needs to be defended? When will you give David the credit he is due as a strong intelligent man who knows what’s what?

    You post , I and we reply. It’s all fair. And if I want to reply in an indignant way, that’s my right to do so. I’m sorry you feel like you are such a victim of attack here. Of course you do nothing to provoke anything, you are innocent and I over react.

  78. If David felt that someone was dissing him, what would he do? If Justin Beiber feels that someone is dissing him, what does he do? (I hear that he’s been sentenced to anger management classes).

  79. It is a partnership between the artist and the venue to get the word out. The venue generally will do most of the pre-advertising — paper promo in local publications, radio spots, newsletters, tv (if available), their social media, really just however word gets out in their specific areas. The artist should also make their fans aware they are going on tour but generally the artist has multiple shows to focus on so the individual venues can really focus best on their individual show. They have a vested interest in getting people to the show too. Usually the day of or the day before, when the artists arrives to town, the artist will do some local media themselves. That can be arranged by the artist, artist manager, or by the venue. In my experience (I worked at an establishment once with such a venue included), it’s easier for someone with the venue to arrange media since they are familiar with the local options.

    Of course, this information is relating to small to mid-sized venues. I’m not sure how it all works for those touring the big arenas and stadiums.

  80. I think all celebrities self-censor. I still go back to “Shop Around.” After he sang, David seemed so different than I’ve ever seen him. I think that was the dividing line between David and celebrity.

    I do think fans spoil it for themselves. For example, when he wears something they think is sexy, they probably shouldn’t make such a big deal about it. They might see it more often.

    In January of 2009 the fansites really started to sour with entitlement and nonstop expectations. I don’t think they’ve ever recovered that wonderful humor, espirt de corps, or whatever you want to call it.

  81. Bliss, I don’t usually respond to you…but, against my better judgment, I’m going to give you some advice.

    - Stop making a mountain of every molehill.

    - When you feel you need to respond to something — use the appropriate touch. Don’t use a sledgehammer when a fly swatter will do.

    - Not to quote a Disney song or anything, make your point and let it go. Sometimes you go back and forth with someone for hours. If you think it’s interesting for anyone to read, it ain’t. I skip the ping pong matches.

    - Have something to say yourself. Comment on David news yourself. All you seem to comment on is other comments.

    - When you’re wrong, admit it. You’ve been wrong on several predictions you’ve made.

  82. I read that about Robin Williams daughter. So sad. The evils of the social media. Twitter attacks and cyber bullying are very much a part of today’s society for some young folks-unfortunately. I do not have twitter or Instagram or even Facebook and will not but I am not a younger fan. I would think that David gets most of his feedback from fans on twitter or Facebook or instagram not fan sites. I would suggest that some of those that feel the need to “protect” David might want to go to twitter or other more current younger sources of the social media to “protect” him not fan sites. lol. That being stated I feel he does not need protecting as he is a young man not a child. I do wonder if David has gained any followers on twitter or how many have unfollowed him on twitter in the past few months. Just curious. :)

  83. Anon-Some very good suggestions there. :) I would add and this is not just for Bliss but some others- post some videos or links regarding David or even ( I hate to even mention it. lol. ) some other music artists or information regarding the music /entertainment industry. Just a suggestion. Don’t have to do it. lol. :)

  84. Thanks Ali. I appreciate the info. I’m glad to hear the venue foots the bill for a good portion of the Advertising since artist expenses for touring transportation and hotels are already so high. I’ve even heard of huge artists losing money on a tour. I guess that’s why you sometimes see “advertisements” at some concerts. It helps to have sponsors.

    I hope just David is able to tour and make a profit. He is an incredible talent and deserves to be able to make a living doing what he loves.


    PS I hope this posts in the right place because there was no reply button on your comment.

  85. Wow. OK. Obviously, y’all are more intellectual than me. lol…I haven’t been around much, so sorry for going back to the Aug. 12th post. But as soon as I heard what happened with Robin, my thoughts immediately went to David. I know there have been times in his vlogs where he looked and acted a little sad. Where he beat himself up for making human mistakes, and it seemed like he was purposely avoiding all public contact. To me, the ALTNOY video was full of angst. It’s in his voice. It’s sometimes in his actions. And there’s no way on earth that doesn’t come from somewhere within.

    I think there are many sides to David, just like there are many sides to us. I think he probably feels everything deeply. And although I understand why he can’t let fans into his personal world, I hope he realizes how loved he is, & that he has a support system in us if he really needs it. It’s just so sad that in Robin’s case, being loved by millions wasn’t enough.

  86. And the mustache? I didn’t get “hipster” out of that at all. More like…Super Mario? ha. Nice try, D.

  87. VJ, being loved by millions would never be enough for anyone. In fact it can make it worse. No amount of love from others can overcome a shattered soul. Robin Williams obviously was so damaged that all the external trappings of life, and all the love of family, friends, and fans could not keep him from feeling so doomed that he could not go on.

    David is a very sensitive person. People like David are the ones who take things to heart and internalize their pain. That is why I believe that all this “tough love” that people think is perfectly acceptable to subject David to is potentially damaging to David. I’m sure people thought that Robin Williams was above it all too, and look what happened. That was the theme of his recent tour of the troops too. Soldiers are depicted as tough as nails, yet their suicide rate is shockingly off the charts.

    David has done the right thing by creating new boundaries between him and his fans. His mental health is more important that his career, as it should be.

  88. Hmm. And yet they’re playing the heck out of Phillip Phillips’ “Raging Fire” on my local, LA radio stations, while I only heard “Crush” twice when it came out and never again. Strange.

  89. Robin Williams was very open about his addiction and depression issues. How is anyone here extrapolating that David might be seriously damaged and have the ILLNESS, yes Bliss illness, of depression because we few fans on this site sometimes get impatient with him? And if indeed David is ill with depression, no amount of fawning over him, supporting everything he does or doesn’t do, etc will cure him of that illness. Obviously an ill person, even though loved by a bunch of faceless, nameless (to them) fans can still suffer. Apples and oranges IMHO of course

  90. That is an interesting list-Anon. But some like- Phillip Phillips and Hunter Hayes- are doing very well in appearances and concert sales and they write their own singles that sell well so not sure album sales effect them as much. Isn’t the money in concert sales and appearances and writing your own music due to the rise of digital downloads sales? http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_music_artists_make_money Also hear both on the radio all the time. I don’t worry about their careers at all. I am a fan of both of them. :) Will the real “Anon” please stand up; please stand up as several ones post here. Very confusing. Maybe do Anon 1 Anon 2 Anon 3. LOL.

  91. maybe something like he did when he traveled with Mike K acoustic.. or something like Myrtle Beach? again that was fabulous one of his best concerts in my opinion.

  92. Was just reading that not only did Robin Williams have addiction problems and depression/possible bipolar, but he was facing serious financial problems, mostly due to his two divorces, and had been strongly affected by his heart surgery. All of those things seemed to have overwhelmed him when his television series was canceled, and he wasn’t able to bounce back.

  93. LOL, Super Mario..funny that’s the first thing I thought of….to me it didn’t matter, I was just so glad that it was a LIGHT, LIGHT, FUN, FUN post!!!!

  94. Yes- cc halo- I heard about the financial issues Robin might have had even on ABC news. That is why when fans think that David is set financially for the rest of his life I have to disagree. Just does not make sense to me at all that David does not have to work. He does have his family to consider too. It is reported that Robin was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s too but had not disclosed it publicly.

  95. Yes and when you google Robin’s net worth it states it is 50 million so with all these reports about his financial issues it makes you wonder how accurate those sites really are.

  96. Robin’s family has said there are no financial problems and his children all have nice trusts.
    As far as David being “fair game” because he’s in the public eye, I strongly disagree. Every person should be treated respectfully, celebrity or Joe Schmo. And every person in comment sections deserves to be treated respectfully. Don’t type a comment to anyone that you wouldn’t say to them face to face.

  97. Well, I personally believe that unconditional love can go a long way in helping to restore shattered souls. It’s not going to take the problems away, but it can help a person feel hopeful, knowing that someone understands what they feel…and will be with them through everything. But anyway…:)

  98. P.S. This site is confusing me. My reply to Bliss is a mile away from his original post, and it makes it look like I was talking to myself…lol.

  99. VJ, yes sometimes, especially when a comment has a lot of replies. I think everyone that post here are used to looking up the thread, previous threads to read new comments, lol. Stick around, this site is great.

  100. cq- Thanks. I’ve been here before, but it’s been awhile, obviously. lol. Have a good rest of the night.

  101. CCHalo, you’re like the energizer bunny when it comes to trying to discredit me, lol. This post by you from earlier is a direct reference to what I have asserted on a number of occasions, isn’t it?

    “The obscene tweet was from a fan from Indonesia. So much for stereotypical “more respectful” Asian fans.”

    Do you really think that one isolated tweet discredits the overwhelming evidence that we have seen and heard that fans in Asia are more respectful of David than U.S. fans? Show me one post or tweet from an Asian fan that negatively refers to David’s beliefs, where he lives, who manages him, his song choices, how he lives his life, etc.

    You’ve got a bad case of Bliss-itis, and it’s messing with your mind. My Rx would be to listen to as many performances of “To Be With You” or “Heaven” as it takes to calm you down.

  102. P.S. Of course I’m aware of your “Asian fans are more respectful than American fans” theory. Perhaps you’ve been compiling research on that topic, but for me, I’d have to call it as undetermined without further impartial research.

  103. No it wasn’t a joke. It was an attempt to discredit me, and you know it. Why else go out of your way to post it? You’re walking it back now that you’ve been called on it. It’s called trying to save face. I understand that you don’t want to ‘fess up to it. It’s too embarrassing. Dump it in my lap and try to make it seem like I’m over reacting. That’s a common practice around here.

    Just keeping it real. Hey, I’m just exercising my right of free speech like everyone else. What could be wrong with that?

  104. Nothing wrong with you exercising your right of free speech, Bliss (IMHO). You can assert your victimization here any time you want. Poor, poor mistreated Bliss

  105. It’s been said that some things that have been said by some fans that are cowardly and if they had children they wouldn’t talk to them or criticize them the way they criticize David. Ok when I read those comments, my immediate thought was, first yes, I would do the same thing to my sons and have (btw, my sons love and respect, don’t expect all to believe this, but just thought I would clarify) and as far as being a coward because no one knows me. Heck, if anyone reads my posts, they know my first name and where I live and I’ll give you one more clue, the q is the first letter of my last name. If I had tech skills (tried cchalo, lol but failed) I would put my picture on that box thingy, lol. Wasn’t going to post these comment, but then decided, it needs to be said.

  106. Ha. I was going to refer Bliss to the post at 6:08 pm about making a mountain out of a molehill, but went to bed instead.

    I had actually kind of subconsciously bought in to Bliss’ stereotype, so I thought it was funny and ironic when I noticed that the tweet was from Indonesia. So no, it wasn’t about you, Bliss, and I’m not interested in researching the issue.

  107. CCHalo, really? It was all in your subconscious? That’s rich. Is that all a good night’s sleep allowed you to come up with to try to cover your tracks from last night? Let it go before it gets any worse.

  108. Anne, enough with the false equivalents. I am no more a victim than you or anyone else who posts here. I only brought it up because others here have repeatedly claimed that THEY were of victim of me. No one is victim of anyone, so please stop repeating a falsehood in the hopes that others will believe it if it’s said often enough.

  109. Could someone explain to me why being in the public eye makes a person fair game for criticism, ridicule, intrusive speculation, rudeness etc?

  110. Not saying it’s right but if you choose a public life, you open yourself up to those very things. The public can be cruel, life can be unfair. Sounds cold and I am not a cold person but that’s the way our society is.

  111. Anne is correct. Becoming a public figure, celebrities in the Arts or politicians alike, all set themselves up for whatever gossip, rumors, criticism come their way. Especially with the media’s use if the Internet. Even David has had his share of rumors and some still linger today. No celebrity or public figure is immune. It’s naive to think otherwise.

  112. Tks, ALC. Tbh, though, the bickering is something that I don’t need in my life right now. So…

  113. Well yes, that’s what happens. But since when does the lowest common denominator for human behavior make an action ok? And that’s my question – what makes it ok? I think the answer is that nothing makes it ok. People steal and rape and gossip – lots of them do those things and they aren’t ok. I’m not naive. I’m also not totally innocent, of course. But I will never claim its ok just because everyone is doing it. That’s an excuse imo. Circular logic. Harsh things said in public still hurt people because even famous people are people.

  114. Sorry. I know I sound holier than thou. Just to clarify – I am not pointing fingers here. Sometimes Ive been angered by things said here but not usually. It’s just the logical of that “fair game” notion that I don’t like.

  115. Smanda- I agree with you. I also agree with this: “David is not “fair game” He is a human being, and a good one, and deserves to be spoken about in a manner that reflects the quality person that he is.”

    And this: “As far as David being “fair game” because he’s in the public eye, I strongly disagree. Every person should be treated respectfully, celebrity or Joe Schmo. And every person in comment sections deserves to be treated respectfully. Don’t type a comment to anyone that you wouldn’t say to them face to face. ”

    I’m pretty sure David’s family/friends have visited sites in the past, and that he values the thoughts
    & opinions of the fans. That right there should be enough to tell us how to act.

  116. VJ-Glad to see you back posting some comments again. :) To some others I just have no comment. lol. Whatever.

  117. cq- At least you are not Anon. I can’t believe how many Anon’s there are and I don’t know who are nice and who are not anymore. Oh well. LOL.

  118. Intrusive speculation, not sure what you mean by that…like speculating about his career? speculating about who he’s dating? speculating if he will return to his music career?
    Smanda were you replying to my statement…so you thought I have done all those things…I respect your opinion, I don’t agree.

  119. Constructive criticism is that concerted something David would never do, so therefore it’s off limits.
    Our we only allow to voice agreement or adoration, but if we don’t agree with some career directions or something that is posts, that shouldn’t be allowed. Should all social media be policed and if anything negative or what the policing force deem negative, but banned? It’s a fine line.

  120. Anything that supports your view is “overwhelming evidence”, anything that doesn’t support your view is “one isolated tweet”

  121. I am going to repost a comment I made way above as it deals with the comment that you just made cq-The evils of the social media. Twitter attacks and cyber bullying are very much a part of today’s society for some young folks-unfortunately. I do not have twitter or Instagram or even Facebook and will not but I am not a younger fan. I would think that David gets most of his feedback from fans on twitter or Facebook or instagram not fan sites. I would suggest that some of those that feel the need to “protect” or “police” David might want to go to twitter or other more current younger sources of the social media to “protect” or “police” him not the fan sites. lol. That being stated I feel he does not need protecting as he is a young man not a child. I do wonder if David has gained any followers on twitter or how many have unfollowed him on twitter in the past few months. Just curious. I will add that David needs fans for his music career-that is exactly why folks in the music industry have music labels and pr folks and management to help deal with that-but you have to pay for that. So if you want a music career or a career in the entertainment business this is part of what you have to put up with. :)

  122. I will add that it is obvious that David has struggled with the fan and media attention and the business side of the industry. But I hate a lot of what I have to deal with in my job too. That is just life. Take the bitter with the sweet and there is a lot of sweet in being a well known music artist. :)

  123. David has held steady on twitter – gained some but has not lost followers. He gains many likes on Facebook especially when posting a picture of himself. He keeps gaining fans on Instagram. He is actually doing great on social media if you compare him with other Independent artists. Of course there is always room for improvement. Most of us would love for him to post more often and of course include some vids of him singing on twitter, Instagram or you-tube. If he’s not going to release new music or tour soon I would hope he would do some singing on social media. He needs to get fans re-engaged IMHO. It’s getting pretty quiet in David-land.

  124. Regarding Marie’s comments in particular, when I speak of celebrities and “fair game” etc, I am obviously speaking of adults who choose to be in the spotlight. to further their careers as singers, actors etc. I just want to make it clear that I don’t for a minute condone bullying of anyone on social media like what happens with kids ganging up on a schoolmate etc. That type of thing is horrible and criminal and must be policed and stopped. I would also not condone personal bullying of David on the internet and I haven’t really seen any actual bullying of him as a person. His career and what he is doing or not doing about it is “fair game” IMHO. Maybe when I said David is fair game, I should have been clearer.

    Regarding David, the league of “if you can’t say nice things about him, don’t say anything” fans forget he is 23 now and all grown up. They have a right to say what they want and express this, but I have a right to reply back. David is not their son, brother or friend and there is no reason to take any comments made that are not glowing regarding David as a personal offense against them yet some of them obviously do.

  125. It seems to me that there was more energy about David’s career during his mission than there is now. Probably because there was a specific ending date to anticipate. Now it’s a little lackluster, waiting for the shoe to drop–following his personal life, squabbling with each other (lol), and re-visiting the old days. I like Marie’s suggestions to branch out a bit.

  126. Pretty quiet is the understatement, Grammyj, I agree with you, it would be nice to have something for the fans career wise this year, if he indeed is not going to get his career going again (I know he is working on it, but releasing, touring etc is what I’m talking about). I do believe (hoping actually) that Costa Rica project is a music video with a release of a song and that’s scheduled for this year.

  127. Marie, Anne,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your prespectives regarding the Social Media. Unfortunately nowadays the Social Media has become a prerequisite for celebrities to keep the interest in them alive. Unless said “celebrity” is so huge the public doesn’t need reminders of who they are & what they are doing, thanks to the paparazzi & daily entertainment news on tv. But even the big one’s do the Social Media thing or at least have a PR person do it for them. :)

    I think David knows not everyone is going to agree with everything he does or will do in the future. I also think he’s smart enough to know which “stuff” that’s written about him or to him, to take to heart, what to take with a grain of salt, or what to ignore altogether. Seems to me he’s got more important things to think & worry about. His career is not exactly where I thought it would be by this time. I thought by now he would have had a few appearances here in the USA or in Asia other than church related events. Don’t know what’s going career-wise with David other than the few songs & the supposed music video he supposedly did in Costa Rica. I say “supposed” because I haven’t seen verification other than “we will know more about it later this year” he said.

    Anyway, I don’t think David is twiddling his thumbs doing nothing but I do hope he’s not doing it all alone when it comes to his career.

  128. I’m hoping this is just the calm before the storm and that some music or appearances by David is just around the corner. I’m hoping Kate’s cryptic tweet from yesterday is related to David and new music, but I have taken Kari’s tweets to mean too much in the past so I’m not holding my breath. There certainly was an excitement when David returned as some of us thought “the best is yet to come” meant David was going to relaunch his music career quickly which as we all know has not been the case. He is taking his time which is perfectly understandable but unfortunately not what some of us expected. Right now we have no idea when the time will be right for David to relaunch his career. Will it be soon? Will it be a Christmas tour? Will to be years from now? Right now we fans simply do not know other than he said there will be new music and tours when the time is right. Lately all we know is that he goes out to eat a lot.

  129. Anne, this, from you, got my attention “Regarding David, the league of “if you can’t say nice things about him, don’t say anything” fans forget he is 23 now and all grown up”

    Are you saying that because David is all of 23 years old, he now must be expected to “take it like a man” and accept any and all malicious judgments and opinions posted on fan sites which were, by design, created to celebrate his artistry?

    My guess is that you are older than 23, and “all grown up”, as are the other posters here who go ballistic when anything the slightest bit challenging of them is pointed their way. These people apparently think they still have feelings that can be hurt, even though they are adults. The notion that it’s somehow “OK” to say whatever you want about David, no matter how disrespectful, because he is no longer a child and also a “celebrity” in 2014 seems like a lame justification for doing it from someone who wants the right to continue to do it without having to explain why.

    Human beings do not outgrow their feelings just because they hit the big 21. David treats every person he meets with the utmost respect, regardless of their age. He deserves no less from everyone who refers to him, in person or in print, no matter how old they are.

  130. Glad Kari is “excited”. Maybe she should tell us “what is around the corner” so we can all get excited.
    Especially if it concerns David because who really knows? Why the teaser? It borders on cruelty! lol.

  131. And it might not be about David at all. Maybe the best is yet to come lol. Or David is eating at McDonalds. Could we get something from David career wise now at 6 months after his return. Or he could be getting ready to start BYU. Or getting engaged.

  132. cc halo-I agree that there was more energy during David’s mission. I just think that there is not much to talk about in regards to David’s music career right now. Maybe that is the issue. I sure hope that it changes soon but idk. Senseless- I agree that I really hope that David is not trying to have a music career on his own. That is a really tough way to go. hg- I am a bit curious about your perspective regarding the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Seems like the racial divide there must have been an ongoing issue for awhile and boiled over with the shooting. Feel bad for the Youth that was shot and killed and his family and for the folks and businesses in that small community with all the looting and protest and media attention going on there. I was just watching as new conference on CNN. It just seems like a big mess there right now.

  133. Senseless~ I agree!!! Why does Kari have t tease us espeicially when we don’t knw if she’s talking about DAvid or someone else.

  134. Obviously she gets some enjoyment from it. I can’t say that I do.

  135. Or perhaps Kari sees us as grown adults, and as such, “fair game” who should toughen up and “grow a pair” like David is supposed to be doing.

  136. Bliss, i have thought a great deal about your assertion that David should be treated with respect in person and in print. The problem of “in print” is that the psychology of internet posting points to the cold reality that people who write behind a computer are more empowered to be more aggressive, less tactful and sometimes rude and vicious. The very same people would not speak in the same way if they were in the moment face to face with David. His eyes, his facial expressions, indeed his humanity would make it quite difficult to strike the same tone in conversation with him in person.

    I have believed it is ok to have less than adoring opinions in some aspects of David’ s career, but for me it doesn’t have to be disrespectful. It sometimes is in fan sites and the difference comes down to how something is said( written). I personally think that one should disagree or criticize in ways and words that one would use if face to face with David.

    I say this not to be a protector of David. He is wise beyond his years and I bet he can sort through social media contents and survive it. However, the fans become too polarized when conversation becomes aggressive and insensitive. I don’t see how this can possibly serve to promote David’s career.

  137. Letting out a guarded EPPPPP, last time I got excited over a mysterious tweet from Kari, JT added more tour dates! Hoping this time it is David related. “Aparte De Mi”

  138. I read over at MJ’s and she has rules to keep her blog comments civil. She just posted this which I thought was good advice here.

    “Here’s a tip. If you don’t like comment or commenter…skip over it.Don’t be rude. If you aren’t a newbie, you should know better.

    KEEP the discussion in this thread ON TOPIC. Not the topic? Like ever? Assessing fellow commenters’ skills, artistic or otherwise.”

  139. You’re the only one who has used the expression “grow a pair” on this site so you’re quoting yourself

  140. Bliss~ I remember you!!! You were THE ONE who called me a DRAMA QUEEN a few months ago cuz I ssaid I would be front row and David would see ME!

  141. Here we go again. Whadd…. you’re wrong. The term “grow a pair” was originally used by another poster here. I may have used it after that, but I cannot take credit for its initial use.

    As for keeping the discussion “on topic, who gets to make that decision? I have seen people go “off topic” here countless times. IMO, there should be a free flow of ideas and reactions, so the “topic” can ebb and flow to wherever it goes.

    IMO, people with thin skin about themselves should not be on here telling David that he needs to thicken his skin and “get real”. We all live in the same “real” world.

  142. Sierra, please bring over that complete post. That doesn’t sound true to me. Why would I call you a Drama Queen for saying that? If it’s true at all, there is certainly more to it that you are intentionally leaving out to suit your purposes for this post.

    Let’s keep it real.

  143. Good idea. Skipping over & IGNORING comments or COMMENTERS who love all the drama their comments cause is very good advice. I’m doing it. It’s not that hard to do. You should all try it. ;-)

  144. blisskasden
    on May 13, 2014 at 2:45 pm said:

    Sierra!, you kvetch this “David- Say
    Something, I’m giving up on you :( :( :(”

    I think when David does do concerts in the future that they have a special “Drama Queen VIP”. You can sit in the first row while David sings “Complain” and “Things are Gonna Get Better”.

  145. Yawn,,,,,

    Guess I’ll go for a run to get some energy. The weather is perfect for running…low humdity & mild temps.

    See ya’ll later!

  146. Sierra,btw, when did calling someone a “Drama queen” become so horrible.. It’s used routinely in day to day conversation and, in my experience, viewed as pretty tame. Hey, it’s certainly not as bad as being called the dreaded “Circus bitch” that has left me scarred for life, lol.

  147. No I wasn’t offeneded or anything, it’s mainly true! ;) I was just saying I remembered you cuz f that! That’s all!!! ;)

  148. Sierra, thanks for the documentation. As I predicted, there was a larger context. My post to you was in response to your saying that you were “giving yup on David” and I quoted some titles of David’s songs that you may want to listen to before you gave up on him.

    I thought the “Drama Queen VIP” thing was kinda funny. Sorry if it offended you.

  149. Whaddya~ How did you find that so fast??? I would never have been able t find that! I don’t remember posting thatLOL! I must have been drinking and crying over David. :(

  150. Whadd…. I gotta give you props. You’re on me like white on rice, lol. Have we met in person? You hate me like some folks here hate the Mormon Church, which is pretty dang severe.

  151. Wow Sierra, you have Whadd working for you now to “get me”. Scary stuff. I’m going to have to get a research assistant myself just to keep up, lol.

  152. Wow. I learned something new today about Google. I did Google that- Whaddyaknow- and came up with the Soul David thread from 5/11/14-Happy Mother’s Day- that did have that comment from bliss. Did not know that would ever come up from just doing Google . Interesting. I miss peter :( but I did notice some of the bliss comments from that thread. bliss sure has mentioned folks here being “Mormon Haters” often. Almost makes you think that “someone” has an agenda of some sort. Just saying. I will not engage in the conversation any longer but could not help but notice that. Off to watch Netflix. :)

  153. Marie, to answer your post at 8:54PM, when you say “bliss sure has mentioned folks here being “Mormon Haters” often. Almost makes you think that “someone” has an agenda of some sort. Just saying. I will not engage in the conversation any longer but could not help but notice that.”

    Allow me to clarify. I have concluded that a number of people here are, indeed, “Mormon Haters” on the basis of what they have written about Mormons, Missions, and especially how the Mormon Church undermines David’s career and personal life. My “agenda” is to point this out whenever I see it because I feel it is extremely disrespectful of David to bash his religion on his fan site.

    Anyone who feels that they have been wrongly characterized as a “Mormon Hater” has been free to post their objection to my use of that term. To date, not one person has come forward to repudiate being so characterized, leading me to draw no other conclusion that they are, in fact, a person who has those beliefs..

    Google works both ways. I can do the same research on back posts, should someone who has posted anti-Mormon rhetoric suddenly deny doing so. I don’t think anyone will, because those who are are guilty of doing so seem very comfortable with their position and feel entitled to post it here. To them , it’s David’s problem if he doesn’t like it because he is “fair game”.

    You brought the subject up tonight. I wonder if anyone will call you out for doing so as they did to me a few days ago. CQ? What about you?

  154. Bliss~ Don’t worry, I’m pretty much CLUELESS when it comes to searching for things!!! Much as I would love it, Whadd is not my search ninjaLOL! :)

  155. Sierra, lol. I hear ya. Whadd has a personal vendetta against me. I’ve probably exposed something she posted under another name, and now it’s “payback time”. “Senseless” is another one. They change their online names to appear to be an “objective” poster, but they are probably someone who wants revenge for something from a past online ID.

    I guess we’re all “fair game” after all. I can take it because I actually do “have a pair” already, lol.

  156. I cannot begin to keep up with this place. So, posting late and all out if order.
    Cq – I wasn’t addressing my post to you or in that thread, it just fell under your comments. I do think sometimes your comments have been unpleasant in the past but I’ve noticed many more pleasant ones over time. I’m not picking on you. I just don’t always agree with you. But that’s ok, right ? :)
    Whoever keeps saying David doesn’t need protecting – I think there is a wide gap between saying that some comments are just nasty and and trying to protect a guy who doesn’t need protecting.
    Someone else said that people shouldnt take comments about David personally because they aren’t related to him, aren’t his friend etc. Huh? Its not possible to care about him as a person unless you are close to him? Nope.

  157. Can you get any more transparent? Now you want people to confess to being Mormon haters so you can bash them again? I thought you were smarter and able to hide your motives better in the past.

    Hate is a strong word and I’ve never seen anyone but you use that word.

  158. Thank you Smanda, I thought that might be the case. Yes, I do have very strong feelings like everyone else and yes of course they wouldn’t be the same as yours and totally understand, I do respect your point of view and from things you have shared, it does seem like you have an open mind.

  159. Well we’ll see if that tweet from Kari, first of all is about David and is what she is excited about coming soon. Maybe?!?!

  160. I am writing this at the bottom of the thread since I can’t figure out where it should go. So here goes.


    I don’t believe anyone on this site or any other David site is a “Mormon hater.” While some may not like the theology, that doesn’t mean they hate the Mormon people.

    There is a HUGE difference between the two.

    David is Mormon and we all seem to love that little Mormon guy even though some don’t agree with his faith. So, the “Mormon hater” theory doesn’t work. I don’t think anyone here hates David.

    If you really think about it, wouldn’t being a fan of David make all of us Mormon love-rs?

  161. Came back in late before going to bed & had a chuckle. At first. For anyone who’s interested, but doubt anyone really cares, I’m posting under another name I’ve used in the past here. Oh, and another one is Still Senseless. There are times when I stay away due to job constraints or other personal reasons or when I don’t have adequate internet access.

    I may be censured here but being honest. I don’t care for Bliss. Never have, never will. He gave me the heebie-jeebies the first time I saw him. I was shocked he was a male because I always thought “Bliss” was a female not only because of the name he uses which is not exactly masculine, but because of his OTT spazzing over David. He still gives me the creeps. He’s an old man who seems to have no other life than to pick on certain fans of David & sounds like he has a serious obsessive crush on David as he accuses female fans of having. He disguises that obsession and has taken in David’s LDS fans by going on & on about “Mormon-haters” which is a misnomer making it seem as if those he accuses hate Mormon “people”. For me, it has never been about the Mormons. It’s always been the Mormon “organization” as well as other conglomerates disguised as Christian & as the only way to salvation. The Jesus I read about would never condone the huge monster churches & temples built in his name made of marble, glass & steel and filled with the finest, most expensive art and furnishings. If Jesus were to return as Christians believe he will, the Jesus I read about would tear down & destroy all those monstrasities. The Jesus I read about would not be dressed in a suit, white shirt & tie, or flowing robes made of the the finest cloth, or wear gold medalions & rings. He would not get around in a limo & chauffer. The Jesus I read about would look & act opposite of how He is depicted in these Christian churches. In fact, “prophets”, priests, & ministers of today would probably look down their noses on Him. The Jesus I read about would look like the common blue-collar working man, with longish hair & a beard. The Jesus I read about is NOTHING like the leaders of the so called Christian or pseudo Christian churches of today. Those are just some, and I have so many more, reasons I have a problem with the religious organizations which includes the Mormon Church. Not the people because I used to be one. It’s a choice to leave I made long ago. I can and do admire artists like David who are devout. I can & do admire & believe David would be the same great person he is even if he were not as devoutly religious as he is. Believe it or not, there have been & are still many truly good people in the world who aren’t religious but would give you the perverbial shirt off they back, feed you & shelter you with no expectations of payback other than asking that you pay it forward.

    Maybe nobody here will agree or care about what I had to say and HG may very well delete this post. But there comes a time when one has to speak up. If one person can get away with trashing so many others and only non-LDS here as he has so many countless times, I feel like I should also be allowed to do the same even if I don’t especially feel good doing it. :(

  162. You know, sometimes I cringe to think I am associated with this fan base, and pray David doesn’t read here and think what’s posted here represents all of his fans.

  163. bliss-I have to clarify this even though I am done with this conversation. To use your “technique” on 7:45pm you (bliss) posted a comment that stated “You hate me like some folks here hate the Mormon Church, which is pretty dang severe.” On 8:45pm I (Marie) posted a comment about basically disliking your continual use of claiming folks here are Mormon haters. Since bliss made this comment prior to me he clearly brought the subject up once again. I just called him on it cause I am tired of it. bliss then tries to turn it around on his post on 9:23 pm that I brought the subject up when he actually did and he once again tries to play the victim. bliss- I believe does have an agenda. bliss’s one goal seems to me to be to agitate situations and control what others post. He does a great job of it.

  164. wow see you guys are still at it.. life is too short guys enjoy!!

    David is!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 6h
    Saw this good man, @johnondrasik , in concert here in Park City, Utah. Always have loved Five For Fighting music

  165. Kimk, thank you for bringing over the great picture and the awesome (going down memory lane) video.

    As much as fans say they want David to take all the time he wants and that they will wait forever, I do notice angst about not getting anything regarding his career.

  166. Getting back to David’s music career-David should at least make some appearances somewhere in the US other than Utah even if he does not tour. I just don’t get it but maybe he does not have that option for some reason. David also needs to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and post the video. It is for a great cause. I am going to post the ice bucket challenge that Carson, Blake, and Adam from The Voice did. :)

  167. All organized religions are made of people and there are NO people who are perfect. There will always be problems in churches because people are flawed, but IMHO that is not a reason to dismiss organized religion. Faith in God helps people everyday in their lives. Of course there are people who do good works who are not people of faith. I go to church to help me in my daily life. To learn to be more like Jesus and to worship God. I love the music and inspiring sermons at my church.

  168. Just saw Carrie Underwood’s ALS ice bucket challenge video. Again for such a great cause and is raising money for their organization with this campaign. Social media can really do some good with putting the focus on humanitarian and charitable causes. :) Would really like to see David get behind this cause.

  169. Senseless, I’m sorry if my comment upset you. I didn’t mean to re-open an old and painful debate. Two things are usually guaranteed to cause an uproar and hurt feelings so I usually try to avoid discussing religion and politics.

    I only commented because I disagree with the term “hater” and think it absolutely does NOT apply here. As history has shown, it’s not a term to be thrown around lightly because of it’s connotations. It’s a very serious accusation and IMO anyone who uses that term here is way out of line.

  170. Senseless – I agree with everything you said and fully support your right to say it.

  171. If I may, I’m sure that nothing you said re-opened any wounds. You are among the very welcome peacemakers here and I appreciate it.

  172. Senseless, you’re a real charmer.

    ” I may be censured here but being honest. I don’t care for Bliss. Never have, never will. He gave me the heebie-jeebies the first time I saw him. I was shocked he was a male because I always thought “Bliss” was a female not only because of the name he uses which is not exactly masculine, but because of his OTT spazzing over David. He still gives me the creeps. He’s an old man who seems to have no other life than to pick on certain fans of David & sounds like he has a serious obsessive crush on David as he accuses female fans of having. He disguises that obsession and has taken in David’s LDS fans by going on & on about “Mormon-haters” which is a misnomer making it seem as if those he accuses hate Mormon “people”.

    I give you the “heebie jeebies”, lol? My screen name is actually the name of a company that I worked for, and “Bliss” was one of the owners (Kasden was the other). As for the LDS stuff, you and your loyal supporters have been bad mouthing the Mormon Church in every way possible since David went on his Mission. The bunch of you can spin it any way you want, but it’s right here in b/w for all to see. Sure enough you go on another diatribe on your post today because you can’t stop bashing the Mormon Church.

    You keep referring to “meeting” me and “I gave you the creeps”, yet you don’t have the guts to ID yourself. I have never had a unpleasant exchange with any fan of David’s that I have met at concerts or signings, so you’re being dishonest by implying otherwise.

    Since you like to use songs of David to as your screen name, how about changing yours to “Not a Very Good Liar”, which should be your theme song.

  173. Senseless doesn’t “keep referring to meeting” you. Stop making things up, because EVERYONE CAN SEE THE COMMENT YOU’RE REFERRING TO

  174. Whadd, stop yelling. Who are you ? Are you another of my phantom creepers that “met me”? I notice you like to speak for others . How about MYOB and let others speak for themselves.

  175. Wow! Senseless, I’m going to leave alone the part where you talked about Bliss, but the rest of it just wowed me! I agree with you and want to say a few things in return. Later though.

  176. Senseless, I was wowed by your boldness and courage to say what you did. I appreciate your honesty in sharing what you really believe and believed. I agree with you about the “Mormon haters” accusation. It is true, we really are all Mormon lovers aren’t we? We all love David.

    Disclaimer: If you’re not in the mood for a “Sunday School lesson “, don’t read

    What you said about Jesus is what I really appreciated. Whether people agree with you or not, you are speaking the truth. Jesus did not parade about in fine clothing and perfectly groomed hair. He was despised and rejected by his own. He had nowhere to lay his head. He kept company with “sinners”. He dined with tax collectors (hated because they often were thieves/corrupt), and prostitutes. He loved them, was a friend to them. Taught them about forgiveness. He spoke to those he wasn’t “supposed” to speak to. He stood up for those the righteous religious people wanted to judge, look down upon, hate, and even kill. There’s a song by Casting Crowns called “Jesus, Friend of Sinners”. I recommend it. It talks of what you were saying in your post.

    The ones Jesus was hard on and scolded, with great zeal I might add, were the religious leaders and false teachers. Those who exalted themselves. Those who thought of themselves as righteous. Similar to those who live in penthouses and yet call themselves prophets and apostles of God, expecting others to stand when they enter a room. Those who have their perfect smiling pictures displayed in newspapers and on bill boards. Read about the prophets of the Bible. Jeremiah (the weeping prophet) wallowed around in a muddy pit in which those who hated him threw him. Elijah and John the Baptist wore animal skin clothing, lived in the wilderness/desert and ate locusts/food brought by birds for dinner. Isaiah said” Woe is me for I am a man of unclean lips”. The apostles died horrible gruesome deaths because they told people the truth about Jesus. They did not sit in offices with comfy chairs. Don’t think for one second that turning a blind eye to false teachings and false apostles/ prophets is “being like Jesus”. He confronted them head on.

    When I think of the kind of organized religion you’re talking about, it’s not people meeting at church to read and discuss the Word of God. It’s religious organizations using man-made rules to wield power over people. Demanding obedience and money. Filling them with the false thinking that if they don’t tithe and follow the rules of the church, they will not live with God in heaven for eternity. They put people in bondage, when the true gospel is about freedom.

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