13 comments on “Rainbow Remix Music Video

  1. Love the remix and I love David, but the audio is a little out -of-sync with visual. Oh, I’ll take anything fun and happy from David right now. His talent is so big, but he needs the best in the industry to make that talent shine through the videos like he shines when he is performing on stage.

  2. This is not the best quality rip of the vid, sincerely. The one I saw was HD and much nicer. Not all pixelated and no sync problems on that one either. I think that one was a direct pull from the DVD though. Still waiting for mine to come in the mail!

    I already said earlier how much I like the vid so I won’t bore you guys with the same thing again lol. I’m actually a pretty big fan of this remix. The bass sounds pretty sweet in my car. I played it a few times. A few.

  3. Can I complain? I just saw on twitter that Brooke White is performing at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. Don’t get me wrong. I love Brooke. I have a couple of her Jack and White EPs and just ordered her Christmas album. But you know what I’m thinking, right? I guess that wasn’t really a complaint. Just a long, drawn out sigh…in word form. lol

    • I keep thinking that when David gets back, all the people that run sporting events and tree lightings will be thinking “finally! The Voice is back!” (and also the Sony people who were attending some of his Christmas concerts, etc. etc.)

    • It was my wish too that David perform at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting and Christmas in Washington. Oh well he still can after he gets back from his mission.

  4. I love the sound of the remix and D’s vocals are stellar. Remember when D sang Chris Brown’s “With You” and Paula Abdul suggested that he not fully enunciate each word when singing pop tunes? Well, this song is proof that D has learned that lesson. If I had heard this song on the radio without having seen the video, I wouldn’t have recognized his voice in some parts of the song.

    Throw virtual tomatoes at me but I think the producers over used the side effects in the video. Regardless, I’m definitely buying it if it shows up on iTunes.

  5. One more comment — I see this video as the follow up to “Shop Around” David. I hope he continues to feel free to dance and move around in his videos. He seems to be a natural at dancing.

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