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  1. OH Boy HG, You surely can describe that epic day & concert to a T. It was such fun. I am bringing over my past post from the previous thread:

    Hi SDers! I am back home from that beautiful concert last night! I had a great time! It was really fun to meet HG, Freo, Marlie and many others with similar perspectives on David as I have. I will let HG do her full recap as she is much more eloquent that I am.

    ( no HighSchool orchestra & no sign of mic last night )

    My favorites of the night:
    1- Good Place/Let it Be mash up, but the piano playing was bad. Voice was stellar. He should have just sung it acapella or had Mark play the keyboard for him

    2- Climb Every Mountain– was so so so good! Just loved it.

    3- Drummer Boy– also crazy good!

    I am waiting for mp3s of all of these.

    Now to wait for HG’s post! It will be great!

  2. HG – perfect description of the event – and I loved that you shared your inner dialogue during the VIP. It was a stellar performance made all the more fun for being with new-old friends. And yes, thank you for holding me up during the glory notes :-)

  3. Great recap, HG! Thanks for all the details. Gotta say so far from the shows videos I am addicted to I need a Silent Night,( totally stuck in my head) Little Drummer Boy ( would love him to throw off his jacket when he picks up the sticks), Jazzy This Christmas, and of course epic Climb Every Mountain- makes you feel you can go out & scale Mt Everest!

  4. wow hg pure heart and soul recap here… thanks

    david was/is amazing!!! enjoying all the videos (most of the time with tears in my eyes) all the way here to the Philippines

    (confession) I AM one of your fans…. thanks for this great site!

  5. hg, thanks for the recap and to all the attendees, thanks for sharing your experiences, tweets, pics, etc. i’m headed over to david’s website to check out the dates for the remaining shows. i sure hope i can make it to one of them, incl. a vip.

  6. Best David concert recap ever! I’m so glad that you included so many details and your reaction to everything. I will admit that I’m your fan too…

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience, HG. Felt like I was with you every step of the way. I love your description of David as an innocent. As much as I hate to see him mess up on the keyboard, I have to admire his ability to continue to put himself out there. At least this time, it was only for his die hard fans.

    I feel like he’s ready to turn the corner, for some reason. He’s more mature and confident. Seems like there was more effort put into his “look” for this tour. He looks his age.

    Also, I wouldn’t have imagined David singing a song like This Christmas. Pretty romantic stuff. It’s also one of my favorites on the set list.

  8. Although I have to admit that I enjoy seeing the VIP songs, I wish people wouldn’t put them on the internet. It just seems wrong to me. Also, David probably thinks he’s singing Let It Be/Good Place to a select few and that his mistakes won’t be seen by the internet audience. I’ll bet he would be appalled to know it was being filmed. Just my opinion.

  9. Thanks so much for the heartfelt recap! I thought the exact thing about his rendition of Little Drummer Boy – playing the drums for Him!

  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone! All of what I share here is about feeling very devoted to my readership here and wanting you all to feel, see, and hear what I witnessed. :)

  11. Shouting ‘Bravo’! and giving you well deserved props for that great recap and observation of the Verona experience. You captured and relayed it so vividly, and for that I’m grateful. I’m getting my thrills vicariously through you, and other fans of David able to attend this tour, so my hats off to you, and to David for just…. being.
    Seeing/hearing him sing is enough to render a lot of the BS and real life stressorS swirling around him and us moot. That voice, that talent trumps all – like you I have solid, unshakeable faith that he will have its due. I’m just trying to ride the waves, keep it real and still enjoy the scenery as much as I can till he gets there. He will get there. On to Stroudsberg tonight – how will he top this? :)

  12. You make a valid point, Mango, but right now we fans and concert goers are the major PR team David’s got going. Mistakes or no mistakes, who could deny the Voice!

    And, let’s get real: at all of these shows, someone announces that we are NOT to make any video recordings.

    Heh, well, look how well THAT got reinforced.

    Furthermore, I’m sure Desertrat isn’t the only person who’s seriously looking to buy a MKOC tour ticket (and even VIP ticket) as a result of witnessing these “contraband” videos.

    It is precisely why these videos, these pics, and these concert recaps are great PR.

  13. for tonight’s show—-> we’ll see who the orchestra director turns out to be, lol

    Stroudsburg High Making Music with Singing Sensation

    “Stroudsburg is the only string program in Monroe County. I’ve been saying that for years and years and years. We have a diamond here and a lot of people don’t know it. I’m thinking maybe Mr. Archuleta got word of that and why he called us,” said Orchestra Director Lisa Rogers.


  14. So, I’m catching up on the other show performances now that I’ve seen my own. :)

    Do you know which video has the BEST LDB rendition?

    Still looking to download the audio!

  15. HG, I agree with everything you said. Everything. I guess I think that what we all want and what is “right” are two different things. Maybe what I really want is for them to either say no filming and enforce it or not say it in the first place. I’d like to know how David feels about it, too. I’m really torn on this, frankly. You, or anyone else for that matter, could convince me either way, with a good argument for or against. Maybe it’s that old feeling of “doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons”. I don’t know.

  16. I, for one, probably wouldn’t consider attending a concert without having seen some of the videos. We saw David twice last December, with much of the same material. I would have probably looked at the set list and gone, “I love him, but Little Drummer Boy–ho hum.”

  17. By the way, I’m not talking about the actual concert. I’m talking about the VIP taping. It just seems like the kind of thing that David, himself, would want…..no filming.

  18. Just curious of those who went to VIP? Last tour, it was announced by the VIP guide and then reinforced by David who saw someone using their phone to record, they were serious about it- Was that stated at these VIPs? They just seemed a tad more informal than when I went several years ago?

    I also see both sides of the issue- & could also be convinced either way- I personally think the “no taping” for VIP last time at least was to keep it special for those who paid extra money and to try *& not spoil it for those yet to come.

    However regardless of tape/or no tape, a bit more practice is needed before public consumption at a VIP. I applaud D for wanting to give the fans a song he clearly knows they have been wanting to hear- a capella is just fine too.

  19. ok, thought about it some more. I personally would not post it- due to the piano errors. While I am a huge believer in free speech, information, etc…. no need to give the critics something to jump on. JMO.

  20. Wow, thanks for those vids, Burkey and CC Halo! :)

    Oh, GG… Sigh… why did you mention MJ’s? I made the mistake of reading through the comments (curious how non-fans would respond to the vids).

    And while I understand that, as non-fans, they probably never heard The Voice live and are only basing their thoughts on vids that don’t come close to the real deal, reading through their comments is like flying high as a kite and being dragged down by some cans on a kite string.

    To say they just don’t get it is an understatement.

    Worse still are those narrow-minded posters who point to his “poor album sales” like that is any kind of measure of anything.

    Here’s a worthwhile dialogue from The Social Network that we really need to keep in mind:

    Sean Parker (founder of Napster): And after I took down the music industry…
    Eduardo Saverin (interrupts): Wait a minute. You didn’t take down anybody. You lost!
    Sean Parker: In court.
    Eduard Saverin: What’s the difference?
    Sean Parker: You want to buy a Tower Records store?

    In short: where is that conversation about “sales” going? What does that have to do with how music fans react to music artists? Justin Bieber sells lots of records, and he sounds like crap. What do sales have to do with ANYTHING?

  21. Can’t wait for the new vids from Pennsylvania! I think some of the folks I met last night are there (like SF and SB). :P

  22. raelovingangels, that is my feeling about posting it. Why post anything that might be fodder for his critics….especially after being asked not to film in the first place. I just wish we could all respect David’s wishes and not film VIPs. I have never gone to a VIP (but will in a week or two) and I remember the feeling of hearing about them and wanting to know what happened. I felt as if they were very special, since they weren’t on the internet. I wish it could stay that way. And, I do remember reading about David having to tell someone to not film.

  23. CathK_
    Lots of standing O’s for @davidarchie! Pat-a-Pan now. :) #mkoc
    6 minutes ago

  24. ctinayo
    salsa dancing with children on stage. this is why @davidarchie is and will always be my favorite person ever.
    1 minute ago

  25. she has great videos! just watched her tosod. around 1 minute into the song, david walks toward the audience and holds the mic (not the capped one) out to the crowd. the crowd reaction and singing is so funny.

  26. Or, you can avoid looking at vids or reading about them, as I did with my ARCHUBLACKOUT, which I practiced before I went to MY concert. I knew better than to fight with varying Archies not to “spoil” anything for me. I chose to stay away.

    The choice is yours…

  27. I haven’t looked at the VIP vids…..just read about them when reading the comments. It is just my personal feeling that, if they aren’t supposed to be taping them, they shouldn’t be taping them. They have reasons for requesting VIP not to be taped and I guess I just wish people would respect the rule. That’s all.

  28. Thanks for a wonderful recap HG. I’m not watching videos for the most part either in preparation for attending in SLC and Beaver Creek. I did break down the first night and listened to a ustream,LDB ,MKOC and Climb Every Mountain. I’ve been avoiding watching videos since.
    I do appreciate your recap and have met SF,SB and others at Motab.

    I’m glad you and Marlie share those moments together as two of the most faithful fans.

    I am so happy that you enjoyed David and see the potential in him.

    Thank you for sharing. Don’t let the posters at MJ’s get you down.
    There are some that have a hard time enjoying David and his growth.

  29. I only noticed one actual naysayer at MJ’s–Tess–who never has anything good to say. The poster who mentioned an under-performing CFTH, seems to still be a fan–s/he thought it just needed better promotion. Everyone else was deliriously happy about the concerts.

  30. I think the comments at MJ’s about David have actually improved somewhat since AI days 3 year ago. I thought some of the comments back then at MJ’s about David were brutal. At least the negative comments about David there now are a bit more subtle than before. It seems to be monitored more. I really am enjoying all the vids and pics and recaps from David’s concerts. David has some very supportive fans.

  31. I have never really followed MJ… but I thought I read somewhere recently that CFTH had sold 256K? Does anyone know? Sure does not sound under performing to me.

  32. HG — Thank you for the great post. Delighted you got the chance to see the D live after so long. His ability to improve when already topping everyone else in his generation always floors me and he’s even topping himself with each concert. You put our delight and amazement into some great and memorable words.

    I always leave a David concert brim-full of gratitude (it spills over into tears there’s so much) and I feel the same way about the story you’ve told here. Thank you.

  33. I thought that is what sold the first year. It’s been charting on Itunes and still sells some each year. I still gift it along with GCT.

  34. Agreed ! I think the poster eventually clarified their position and blamed poor promotion etc. The poster was very complimentary of David’s singing.

    MJ’s is generally much more postive and she herself is supportive of David and likes him.

    I go there to support David as do other David fans.

  35. Wow !! HG this is what i call and recap lol, so thanks ;)

    I love the detail of some of your descriptions, specially the one making reference to the innocence, now that fit more with my impression of him . I’m curious too about why people never commented about his scent too, i mean since i’m already read many detailed descriptions about other things David related , i’m wondering why this part is missed , i mean i a polite way?
    Now about the concert , I like too that he closed the show with LDB , i mean is more like a valid statement of freedom worship if that’s makes sense , yes ‘…’ raising his drumsticks triumphantly in the air: ME AND MY DRUUUUUUUUM!!!! ” and then he leaves the stage Triumphant …idk , my rebel mind really likes that lol.
    I was listening today Christmas music is Spanish and i concluded that his tune can find success in this market , the little song has many elements that fit in the spirit and culture …. so who knows if in the future we will hear different version of this little work. ;)
    CEM is a powerful vocal performance too , i like the videos i saw already with this song.
    And ‘Wait’ need to be released here, i will hope for a EP in Itunes and some physical copies for the hard core collection , with 6 songs for St-Valentin day, for some reason i believe he can have good sales and is already an strategy many big names are used and are using right now.

    Glad you had fun and Glad you has fans lol. and thanks again for te recap. :)

  36. I guess that poster is in denial lol, i just say there, that for some people the only valid musical work David can do is Josh G and Michel B kind of music and refuse to praise any progress to point in a different direction ….. the direction of the originality. The fact that i don’t read in any review comparisons with Groban and other artist in the same line, is a clear signal that he is his own person like artist, even if he still searching and exploring his possibilities in the Music world.

    Yes the production is less polish that his CFTH show, but i actually think this MKOC show is more age appropriated, more freshy and informal and that helps a lot his image, in the sense that he’s not Groban 0.2 .

    Now don’t take me wrong, i think he did mistakes, i don’t share or/and understand his strategies, and i still defending the fan rights to have an opinion, but i hope he is learning of this phase, because he don’t need to copy any other style ,because like we said early this week his has his own Xfactor.

  37. HG, I must add my “thank you” for this great recap. Even we lurkers have been anticipating along with you.

    I hear that David has now headed west. My turn!

  38. HG…your description of Little Drummer Boy….imagine me jumping up and down in my seat going….Yes! Yes! Yes! YOU preach it sister! :lol:
    I have raved on about LDB quite a few times already on FOD, so I’m trying to take a hiatus from doing so…..but I completely get it HG, I completely get it!

    A lot of people dismiss LDB because on the surface it is quite a simplistic song about a kid…..but if you have any Christian inclination and you stop to listen to the lyrics….it has a deep and poignant message.

    As Christmas songs go, I would probably rate LDB as my third favourite after O Holy Night and What Child is This. So when I first heard the rock mashup on the ustream, I wasn’t sure what I thought about David taking such a reverent song and turning it into a rock anthem. But when I saw the vids…!!!!!!!! Oh man, the power, the passion, the energy, the spirit! I can barely spare the time to watch the other vids cos I’m too lost in LDB, David style! :-)

    Love it, love it love it!

    Ok, spazz over…..HG, I knew we could count on you on giving us all the lovely details. I loved many things about your observations and descriptions, they resonated with me. It must be a mutual thing for all the fans. lol

    Another thing which has been standing out to me as I’ve listened to people’s stories and reactions to this concert is……..this past year, we have spent our time, passing judgment on this and judgment on that, analysing this and analysing that, angsting over this and angsting over that, taking offense over this and giving offense over that….you get the picture….but I sense that when people get up and close with David……all of that stuff just falls away and becomes unimportant. All that matters is David and his music and setting our differences aside and rejoicing in the glory and goodness of it all together.

    I’ve only been watching videos but I’ve had this pervasive feeling of pleasure the last 3 days. I can feel myself smiling on the inside as I go about the routines of my days.

    Thanks so much for sharing HG and giving me another opportunity to squee and spazz and just generally bask in the Archuglow. So completely glad you had such an incredible time!!!!! :-)

  39. Oh man, I just read through the comments and watched that Good Place/Let it Be vid linked up thread…..and my 2 cents…..

    First. Really it goes without saying. It was gorgeousness defined. I thought I loved that song with just the studio version. As usual, what David does live, is a whole nother ballgame.

    Second. I don’t know how anyone left that room with dry eyes. If I had have been sitting there listening to David tenderly sing “These are words that say how good it feels to be here with you today” there at the end of the song, I would have been bawling like a baby. It’s also touching to know that he specifically learnt this song because he knew the fans had been hanging out to hear him sing it and because he wanted to tell everyone how this was all so wonderful to him too.

    Third. I think the reason David allows himself to play a song on the piano even though he makes mistakes and it isn’t up to his usual perfection standards, is because it is a part of his humour and his way of adding in his personality to a show. I”m not saying he does it on purpose, just that I think David has learnt that people like him for his down-to-earthness and thats why the mistakes aren’t a big deal to him. I am one of those who like this casual David who makes you feel like you’re getting a personal show in your own living room. It’s a part of his attraction for a lot of people.

  40. count me as a fan of your blog and thus y I had to meet uguys 4 lunch. thx for making me feel at home even we had just met in Verona. Just got back home from Stroudsburg, and his voice was even more amazing tonight if that is posssible…but it was.

  41. after coming g back from stroudsburg, I have to say Climb ever Mountain n Wait was mind-blowing in Verona. He topped himself with Oh Holy Night N I’ll Be Home for Christmas in Stroudsburg though…And Lttle Drummer Boy was amazing in both venues.

    He was overheard saying that he thought that the Stroudsburg was going to be a good concerye..and it was, even more incredible than Verona, if that is possible. His voice was so clear, deep and full and he notes were held even longer, there were different runs and licks…and that is why everyone should go to more than one of hos concerts – every perform is different.

  42. HG, I especially like your description of David as a “deliberate Innocent.” Also, thanks for your videos!

  43. HG, What a pleasure meeting you in Verona.Your recap caps all the recaps and brilliantly describes our VIP and concert experience. “Standing Ovation”.
    For me, this is the defining moment of the concert. –> http://twitpic.com/

    He is declaring his love for music and God. In no particular order.

  44. LuvDJ! So glad you commented here! It was really great meeting you in Verona!

    So, uh, David topped his performance at Stroudsburg? How is that even possible?

    Must. See. Videos! :P

  45. HG,

    Wow, wow, wow! I knew you would find just the right words to capture the essence of what we all felt in Verona. Your recap, based on your own personal experience in Verona was so spot on for the rest of us as well. For me, David’s performance in Verona will always be in my opinion, easily one of is best performances ever. It was magical from start to finish.

    I have to say it was a pleasure to finally meet you. I had a great time afterwards in the casino restaurant as we shared our ODD and engaged in very interesting and at times, lively conversation. Getting together with other fans of David before & after one of David’s concerts is just another aspect of the joy of being on this journey with HIM. We are still here and there is no sign this train will be stopping any time soon.

  46. Stroudsburg was GREAT! Standing-O’s after every song and on our feet for the entire Little Drummer Boy! Like David, the audience could not be contained. It was fabulous, but over way too soon. :(

    Was it as magical as Verona? No. The Verona concert will be hard to beat, IMO. Of course David’s vocals were just as magnificent as ever with no sign of fatigue after 3 consecutive performances. He is a remarkable vocalist, just an immense talent!

  47. HG, I admire you and everyone else for being so devoted to David without having seen him a lot (or at all in Shanny’s case). So grateful for the multitude of chances I’ve had to see, hear and meet him in a variety of settings. No matter how frequently I see him – and lately I try to remain out of his sight – I am struck with the power of the glow. It’s real and it amazes me every time. It’s what compels people to go to great lengths to catch a 2 second glimpse of him.

    So glad you got this opportunity and thank you for the re-cap!

    Magic Happens.

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